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1855Re: [ksurfschool] Final Waterstart question. Sooo Close!

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  • Mel
    Aug 21 9:44 AM
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      <infrauk@...> wrote:

      > With the kite in Neutral, I put my weight onto my back foot,

      I don't get the feeling myself. I feel like both my feet are weighted
      roughly equal, but then I have my footstraps positioned so my feet are
      weighted equal while riding (all the way back in the stock inserts). More
      important to think of bending your legs, and pushing your heels down &
      upwind (to get your butt over the board).

      > move the
      > kite towards the edge of the wind window according to the direction I
      > want to travel,

      More like "dive the kite straight down". Of course the angle of dive is
      highly dependent on wind strength & kite size (in other words dive more if
      you need more power). If diving straight down & pulling out only at the
      very last moment before turning as tight as possible to barely miss the
      water still won't get you up, then start by moving the kite back in the
      opposite direction a bit first, before diving it (gives more diving space, &
      also gets the kite moving before even starting the dive).

      > briefly point the front of the board towards the
      > kite,

      That is a technique to use if you've dived the kite too much: you steer
      towards the kite in order that line tension doesn't pull you over on your

      > then when up, make sure the board is parallel to the kite,
      > distribute my weight evenly across both feet and edge hard.

      Again dependent on how powered up you are, you may not need or want to edge
      hard. Edge only hard enough to maintain your desired course. Most often
      those at your stage are underpowered, & a common problem is failing to keep
      working the kite up & down to maintain sufficient power to keep your balance
      once up on the board.

      > With directionals, I was told you needed to dive the kite to get up.
      > But not on Twin tips. Is this true?

      Absolutely not. The kite maneuver is identical, & the foot work is also
      essentially the same too.

      > If not, could you advise how the
      > kite should be manoeuvered?

      I already did that above, but it's a good idea to lie on your back on the
      sand to practice without the board. Hover, then dive to lift you to a
      standing position. You may need to bend your knees, & pull your butt in
      over your feet too, just like in the water.

      > Determined to get up and stay up this weekend.

      The first time you get up on the board you'll likely fall immediately, but
      by the end of the day (or maybe by the beginning of the next day) you'll
      likely be able to stay up indefinitely. In other words, don't get
      frustrated, just keep trying, & quite soon you'll be ripping.

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