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1803Re: Beginner injured by lack of good judgement

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  • petrex88@yahoo.com
    Aug 9, 2001
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      >A gust caught him and put him down
      > on the rocky dyke. He ended up breaking his elbow and severely
      > bruising his hip.

      > The point of this story is to put your kite down in the water a
      > distance from any downwind obstacles. 2 kite lengths is a good
      > of thumb. Wear a helmet as well.

      Agreed. Sad story. I understand not everyone is as lucky as we are
      here in L.A. to have a place like Belmont Shores to learn -- wide
      long beach, steady wind, and few obstacles (a few lifeguard towers).
      Personally, I don't think I'd kite in an area with a rocky dyke and
      only 1/2 mile of open water. This sport just has too many potential
      hazards once you start limiting the area and adding obstacles and/or
      gusty wind. I complained on the Socal kiting board about some
      newbies I observed at another L.A. kiting location with similar
      hazards -- Topanga. In my opinion, newbies and instructors (and ALL
      of us) need to exercise extreme caution and good judgment, and
      perhaps that means not learning to kite in your hometown but making a
      special trip to somewhere more suitable for kiting....Sounds like a
      good excuse for a vacation ;-)
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