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1781Unluffable foil!

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  • Hung Vu
    Aug 1 7:39 PM
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      Luffing in gusty wind is the worst thing that can happen to an
      inflatable and foil (foil has slightly more tendency to luff than
      inflatable and inflatable has the worst reaction to luffing - simply
      collapse and fall).

      Until today, I thought the Arc was the only unluffable kite.

      I converted my Concept Air 6.0 foil (opened cell) today for use with a
      bar (2 front lines at the end and 1 center line to both back lines). To
      make the kite turn faster, I modified the bridle by adding a new bridle
      line (power steering line) attaching the front line to a group of the
      back lines near the tip.

      To my surprise, by tuning this "power steering line" properly, I can
      make the foil "unluffable". The foil was frequently flying at a
      "negative" angle (over 90 degrees) over my head.

      This "power steering line" is acting just like an automatic brake line
      that brake the foil just before it overly too much to collapse.

      The only way I could luff the foil was to quickly overfly it and run
      EXTREMELY fast forward (to put the kite even at a more negative angle).

      By running forward without overflying the foil, it simply drifts

      P.S., You can also make a foil somewhat unluffable by using handles and
      keep good tension on the brake line; however, a strong gust could
      overfly the kite so bad that by the time you apply proper brake tension,
      the kite has way over flown and will luff.

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