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1778Re: [ksurfschool] Cabarete was great!!

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  • Hung Vu
    Aug 1, 2001
      eric_george@... wrote:
      > I just came back from Cabarete and it could not have been better!!
      > The key is to go to the kitesurfing beach which is a 2 minute moped
      > ride from the main bay. That is where the kitesurfing schools
      > operate. The beach there was vast, with lots of downwind potential.

      Yes, the kitesurfing beach is good (or any other spots along the north
      coast of DR. Have you tried Costamba near Puerto Plata?) but not
      Cabarete. The only problem is that all the accomodation is in Cabarete
      so it is somewhat inconvenience to the kitesurfers. The local should at
      least reverse 1/3 of the bay for kitesurfers instead of ONLY the last
      100 m of the bay such that the kitesurfers has to (d)ride outside of the
      bay for kitesurfing.

      This "discrimination" of kitesurfers at existing windsurfing spots would
      lead to kitesurfers creating our own resorts eventually.

      > I was there fot 10 days, and it blew consistently everyday. This was
      > in July. I cannot attest to the other months, but June and July are
      > great.

      Yes, July and August are the best at the north coast of DR (100% chance
      to kitesurf/windsurf everyday - I kitesurfed everyday at Costamba last
      summer). In the winter the chance of windsurfing is around 50% of the
      time and probably 75% for kitesurfing.

      > Even the pros from Mauii were impressed.

      Probably due to the "merangue" as nite life is so "boring" in Maui ;-)

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