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1776Re: Best place to kitesurf!

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  • fernmanus@yahoo.com
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Yes, I was referring to shorebreak. We don't have any shorebreak
      where I kitesurf inland, just flat water. Shorebreak is a real pain
      if the wind is blowing directly on-shore.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > > Wind Direction: Best conditions are side shore or side/on-shore
      > > wind. On-shore or off-shore winds are dangerous for a beginner.
      > Yes. I forgot about this. This should be one of the top 3
      > > Waves: It is easier for a beginner to learn on relatively flat
      > > water. I have seen a lot of beginners struggle with pounding
      > You probably mean "shore break". Waves are normally 1/4 to 1 mile
      > in the ocean (except for Hookipa which is 50 - 100 m) which would
      > enough "room" for the beginner to learn on the inside. "Shore
      > are small waves right at the beach.
      > Yes. No shore break is more preferable (I don't think anybody like
      > them, not just the beginner, neither the windsurfers). The best
      way to
      > deal with shore break is just use the kite to drag you out in deep
      > before trying to get on the board. (I used this technique to get
      > 4' shore break at Carabete in Jan 1999 while most windsurfers
      > > Wind Speed: I am a big advocate of learning in light or moderate
      > > winds: 15 - 25 mph). This allows the beginner to use larger kites
      > > that fly more slowly. Furthermore, light to moderate winds tend
      > > be more steady and consistent.
      > The best wind to learn is around 15 knots according to Cory
      > one of the inventors of kitesurfing, who has taught many people in
      > early days of kitesurfing.
      > Most high wind destinations has the quiet period in the morning
      8AM -
      > noon, when the wind is much lighter than the afternoon. Such high
      > destination would be PERFECT for a want-to-be-kitesurfer windsurfer
      > he/she can learn kitesurfing in the morning and have a "heal-the-
      > session in the afternoon.
      > Hung.
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