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1775Leash on wakeboard- where?

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  • eric_george@yahoo.com
    Aug 1, 2001
      Hung or anyone,

      Where is the best place to attach the leash to a wakeboard? Currently
      I have the center strap attached via the binding plate bolts to the
      board, then the leash is tied to this strap. It seems like this is a
      precarious situation. Will this cause the board to sumbarine, and if
      so won't the forces rip these little bolt inserts out?

      BTW I am using an O'brien AMP 145- flat rocker, and straight rails,
      this board get bad reviews as a wakeboard, but should be great for
      kiting. I have added additional fins on the edges.

      Anyway, any suggestions for the leash other than "no leash"????
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