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173RE: [ksurfschool] Used kite wanted

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  • Farnsworth, Kenny
    May 11 11:12 AM

      I know that talonsport.com has a few used rigs. They haven't been used much
      because Talon Sport just starting selling kites this year.

      Be careful when buying a used kite. Kites are delicate and they get abused.
      I have already had to repair mine a few times. The bladder is just like an
      inner tube in a bicycle tire, so expect some flats. The wing material is
      delicate on some kites. I found the Naish kites are more bomber than most.

      One other thing, as soon as you buy one kite you will want another one
      because you will go out and find that your kite is not suitable for the
      current conditions (Too much or too little wind). Unless, you live in some
      place that has the same consistent wind speeds (if that is the case, I ENVY
      YOU). You will want to add kites to your quiver on a regular basis.
      Hopefully, you and your snowboard/surfing bro. have a substantial weight
      difference. Then you can buy a different size kite and you can share the
      quiver. For example my wife weighs about 40 LBS less than me, so when I am
      using my 9.0 Naish, she can use my 7.0.

      My background is also snowboarding/skiing. Hey, I live in SLC, home of the
      world's greatest powder. This past winter we had some great powder days it
      was perfect for sick airs and gnarly cliffs.

      I don't know if there are many used reel bars available. I am hoping to get
      my first reel bar in the next week or so from Reelbar (new).

      Hope you can find your own kite soon, so that you can feed the addiction.

      SLC, UT

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      From: kevin patrick [mailto:cobblessa@...]
      Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2000 11:03 AM
      To: ksurfschool@egroups.com
      Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Used kite wanted

      I am looking for a used water-relaunchable kite.
      So if anyone out there has an old rig laying around gathering dust, and
      feels motivated to completely stoke an addict out.--I'm the man.....
      Now please don't think I'm begging or anything but..........Alright
      dammit, IM begging...on my knees.... I gottu be in the air.
      My last excursion was to Lake Mead, with a surf/snowboard bro with HIS
      spanking Naishe AR5 9.5!!!!!!(but saga retold in past mail.)
      Anyway to cut to the chase....I'm so hooked and seeing as though I share
      digs with this Tease -his now daily sessions leave me on the
      Your servant in Southern Cali...(.and I wouldn't mind a reelbar
      tooo....just kiddin...)
      There is a GOD

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