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172Re: [ksurfschool] Used kite wanted

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  • kevin patrick
    May 11, 2000
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      I am looking for a used water-relaunchable kite.
      So if anyone out there has an old rig laying around gathering dust, and
      feels motivated to completely stoke an addict out.--I'm the man.....
      Now please don't think I'm begging or anything but..........Alright
      dammit, IM begging...on my knees.... I gottu be in the air.
      My last excursion was to Lake Mead, with a surf/snowboard bro with HIS
      spanking Naishe AR5 9.5!!!!!!(but saga retold in past mail.)
      Anyway to cut to the chase....I'm so hooked and seeing as though I share
      digs with this Tease -his now daily sessions leave me on the
      Your servant in Southern Cali...(.and I wouldn't mind a reelbar
      tooo....just kiddin...)
      There is a GOD

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