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1675Re: [ksurfschool] 171 liquidforce picklefork

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  • Dave Raue
    Jul 6, 2001
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      As a beginner your problems will be more with keeping the kite where you
      want it, keeping you where you want to be, staying oriented right and doing
      all this while dealing with bindings. When you do a nose-over (which you
      will) or get spun onto your back your beginner kite skills won't make things
      easier. It's just a very unforgiving set-up to learn, and one that all the
      wakeboard skills in the world won't help very much. Of course anything CAN
      be done if you're patient enough. It's just twice as hard and would take
      twice as long to get to the same point.

      That said, the 171 is a decent size wakeboard. I'd strongly urge you to put
      straps on it to learn, at least for while. When you get the waterstart
      wired put the bindings back on. The learning curve is pretty fast, at some
      point it all just clicks. You want to minimize the time that this takes.


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      > i'm a begining kiteboarder, but experienced wakeboarder. i want to
      > stay with a wakeboard type board. everybody i've talked to said i
      > need a big board to start. i was wondering if the 171 liquidforce
      > picklefork is big enough to get me started. if any one has info on
      > this board or other big wakeboards, let me know.
      > thanks, keith
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