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1670Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Foils and gusty wind NOT A myth!

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  • Mel
    Jul 6, 2001
      Hung Vu <hungvu@...> wrote:

      > I am not sure understand why an ARC, being heavier, would relaunch and a
      > high performance foil would not in the same condition...

      Could be any of a number of factors:
      No bridle (I'm sure when wet it adds more weight than you'd think, just like
      it adds more drag than you'd think).
      Tip battens (added weight, but maybe they help somehow).
      General shape (maybe the arched shape helps somehow).
      Flexibility of shape without bridles (don't know how that would help, but it
      The fact that mine was practically brand new at the time might be a factor.

      On the other hand, since I only tried it once, maybe I was just lucky. It
      seems the consensus is you never get good at relaunching an ARC because it's
      so rare to crash them. Anybody else have extremely good success relaunching
      ARCs in light winds?

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