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1665Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Foils and gusty wind NOT A myth!

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  • pault-colston
    Jul 5 11:38 PM
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      you are all talking about 9.3 and 12.5 concept air i have a 6.3 new wave
      which a fantasic kite. now need a light wind kite but hear anything bigger
      is not to the same standard

      >From: Hung Vu <hungvu@...>
      >To: ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Foils and gusty wind NOT A myth!
      >Date: Fri, Jul 6, 2001, 3:24 am

      > Kenny,
      >> Let's go back to what I was talking about. I agree that foils make
      >> sense in moderate/strong winds, but I am not so sure about light wind
      >> conditions.
      > Light wind is where foils excel as in light wind you want a very high
      > performance kite and a very light kite. So far only foils and
      > C-Quad/Bean can deliver that type of characteristics.
      > I have been using the XXXL for more than 2 years (for both kitesurfing
      > and kiteskiing) and the Concept Air 12.5 and never have any problem with
      > them. Actually, the only "wish" I have is that they should be higher
      > performance and lighter (especially for the Concept air 12.5 due to its
      > use in even lighter wind)
      >> In fact, I am considering buying a couple small foils
      >> that I can use for kite surfing and kite skiing. Hung, do you
      >> recommend the JoJo? If so, why?
      > The only two medium/strong wind foils I ever flown are the New Wave 4.9
      > and the Jojo Rage 4.0 . So far they both work well. The Jojo Rage is a
      > higher performance one. Concept Air used to make the EX's Wave which is
      > of the same performance caliber as the Jojo Rage.
      > The reason I think medium/strong wind foil is of appeal for me is my
      > desire of jumping higher and the ability of using the same kite for both
      > kitesurfing and kiteskiing.
      >> It is not such a big deal when your small kite folds. However, when
      >> it happens on a 3-line 9.3 New Wave and the kite finally decides to
      >> respond and open up 5 feet above the water with the lines twisted a
      >> couple times - WATCH OUT!!! You are going to get seriously dragged.
      > If you use handle, just play with the brake lines to stall the kite. If
      > you use bar, pull on the center line to keep the kite under control.
      > It's easier to keep the kite under control and it fly whenever you are
      > ready. If worse come to worse, just drop the bar, you can relaunch the
      > kite later on with more control.
      >> My 9.3 New Wave did take on water during lulls of more than a few
      >> minutes and would not relaunch.
      > It's true that if you have the lulls less than 5 knots for a few
      > minutes, most foils would absorb so much water and won't relaunch. If
      > you go out in such light wind and want the ability to relaunch more
      > reliable, foils with inflatable cells such as the Mosquito and the Jojo
      > Wet is better.
      > I always use opened cell foils for light wind due to the closed cell
      > effect which make closed-cell foil not as good as opened cell foil in
      > light and gusty wind.
      > Hung.
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