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1660Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Foils and gusty wind NOT A myth!

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  • Hung Vu
    Jul 3, 2001

      > I see two big problems with foils in light gusty inland conditions:
      > 1. Folding: I had terrible problems with the kite folding in a brief
      > lull and then reopening right before the kite hit the water. This
      > mades for some brutal body drags (resulting in several broken board
      > leashes and a broken kite line).

      All kites would collapse in very gusty wind (both light or strong
      wind). When a foil collapse, it folds itself and you can pull on the
      lines (walk or swim backward) to get it back to shape. When an
      inflatable collapse it simply falls and there is NOTHING you can do
      about it. In its first few weeks of use, I got my AR5 5.5 fall down in
      a pile of rocks and damage the front leading edge. I still have numerous
      tapes on the front leading edge of my AR5 5.5 to remind me of that

      Since then I have learned how to deal with the situation. Kites will
      collapse in gusty wind if you fly them using only the front lines (both
      for foils and inflatables). By keeping some tension on the back lines,
      you can prevent them from collapsing in gusty wind.

      > 2. Long lulls - foils take on water after a few minutes on the
      > water. Inflatables rule in this dept.

      That's what I used to believe but changed my belief after using the New
      Wave and also the JOJO Rage yesterday. A modern foil floats longer and
      relaunch easier in very little wind that unless the long lulls is less
      than 5 knots it should not be a problem relaunching them (I had numerous
      crashes with the New Wave and the JOJO Rage and so far be able to
      relaunch them with minimum effort)

      Furthermore, I may start using wakeboard and binding in the future after
      seeing Luke Stanek from JOJO kite doing
      the following:
      1- Launch the kite
      2- Walk into shallow water (or drag into deep water)
      3- Active the safety leash to land the kite straight down wind
      4- Get into the binding with "both hands"
      5- Grab the bar, launch the kite easily and start sailing

      Of all the methods of getting into the binding, this is the only one I
      think is "civilized", safe enough and may "lure" me into using it.

      P.S., I made some of the highest jumps around here yesterday with the
      JOJO Rage 4.0 m2 (very gusty wind, no depower rig setup). A high
      performance foil for medium and high wind will definitely be part of my
      kite quiver in the future.

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