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1652Re: [ksurfschool] Foils and gusty wind myth!

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  • Dave Raue
    Jul 1, 2001
      FWIW, I think the issue here is how gusty is a gust. I suspect we may be
      comparing apples and oranges. I'm told that on Maui it can be blowing, say,
      15kts and all of a sudden it goes to 30 kts for a couple minutes, then back
      to15 again. On Long Island a gust would be more like blowing at 15kts and
      30 seconds of 18-20 kts then back to 15. Foils can easily handle the latter
      case. But I wouldn't want to be on a 7.5m foil in 15 kts and have it go to
      30! I can't imagine any way that would be managable.

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      Subject: RE: [ksurfschool] Foils and gusty wind myth!

      > I totally agree!
      > I have been using my F-ONEs in off shore gusty winds to take advantage of
      > the smooth water.
      > In a strong gust the foil rushes to the edge of the window very quickly
      > allowing it to deposer by itself and then slows down in the lulls, it does
      > luff a bit if the difference in wind strength in gust and luff is great,
      > it very rarely folds.
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      > Subject: [ksurfschool] Foils and gusty wind myth!
      > I always believed that foils are useless in gusty wind.
      > I took my New Wave 4.9 m2 out yesterday in probably the most gusty wind
      > we have around here (inland lake, roughly 2 x 6 km). I only had the 11.5
      > and the New Wave 4.9 with me because the wind was lighter when I left
      > home; otherwise, I would be afraid of the gusty wind and use the AR5 5.5
      > instead.
      > The New Wave 4.9 was doing OK, just as the AR5 would in this gusty
      > condition.
      > It could be the technique too as I normally don't use the "chicken loop"
      > and rely more on board edging and the strap to adjust the power of the
      > kite.
      > Not bad for a used foil I bought last winter for roughly $250 USD!
      > Hung.
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