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1649RE: [ksurfschool] Foils and gusty wind myth!

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  • Philip Mann
    Jul 1, 2001
      I totally agree!
      I have been using my F-ONEs in off shore gusty winds to take advantage of
      the smooth water.
      In a strong gust the foil rushes to the edge of the window very quickly
      allowing it to deposer by itself and then slows down in the lulls, it does
      luff a bit if the difference in wind strength in gust and luff is great, but
      it very rarely folds.


      Inland Sea Windsurf Co and Kitesite.net

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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Foils and gusty wind myth!

      I always believed that foils are useless in gusty wind.

      I took my New Wave 4.9 m2 out yesterday in probably the most gusty wind
      we have around here (inland lake, roughly 2 x 6 km). I only had the 11.5
      and the New Wave 4.9 with me because the wind was lighter when I left
      home; otherwise, I would be afraid of the gusty wind and use the AR5 5.5

      The New Wave 4.9 was doing OK, just as the AR5 would in this gusty

      It could be the technique too as I normally don't use the "chicken loop"
      and rely more on board edging and the strap to adjust the power of the

      Not bad for a used foil I bought last winter for roughly $250 USD!


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