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1596Re: [ksurfschool] Re: wake vs. directional round 3 :)

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  • Mel
    Jun 8 12:03 PM
      <fernmanus@...> wrote:

      > I cannot compare the carving turn on a directional to a bidirectional ...
      > ...it sounds like that aspect of kite surfing is very important to you.

      It IS very important. Ripping through a 240 degree arc, fully banked &
      dragging my hand with my elbow bent (even with my legs straight) is one of
      my favorite things about kiteboarding. Maybe somebody else on this group
      can give a comparison.

      > I live in an area where
      > the wind is extemely gusty.

      Me too. iwindsurf readings like 11-28 are common.

      > This means that jibes are often
      > unpredictable.

      Yeah, but you can still nail a few, & it's GREAT. I think you're really
      missing out.

      > So, I worry more about a board that can edge well

      If you're needing the edging for gusts, what kind of kite contol system do
      you have?

      > and is still good during the lulls.

      Isn't the consensus that a directional is better in the lulls? I guess you
      could say I've chosen a kite (or at least it's 4-line/trim loop control
      system) for the gusts. Maybe you've chosen the board to handle the gusts
      instead of the kite/control system.

      > I found that I could load up better
      > on the Wake-N-Style than a directional for jumping. ...
      > ... I like a smaller board while in the air as well.

      Okay, so jumping may be an advantage of twintips over directionals. I like
      to jump too!

      > I think that Wake-N-Style feels so smooth because of the bottom
      > surface of the board

      Anything specific about the bottom surface? Rocker, outline, vee (or lack
      of it), or just some magical combination? I'd like to know what you think
      it is, in case I don't get to demo ride a smaller LiteWave, or RRD 150.
      "Porpoising" (nose bounce) at high speed is the primary reason I'm
      considering a new board.

      > The RRD is also a fun board, but I don't think it is
      > nearly as durable as the Wake-N-Style.

      I mentioned riding onto the beach is nice, but I really don't need to, since
      I can't do that now with my Fanatic directional, so if the RRD 150 performs
      well on the water I won't care about durability THAT much. The reason I
      mention the RRD is because it's got that short, curved, rockered toe side,
      which might improve the toe turns without compromising straight line or
      jumping performance.

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