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1392Re: [ksurfschool] Changing Free Air 2 line to 4 line

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  • John Deane
    Apr 13, 2001
      Mel - or anyone

      I now have an adaptor kit - found a Maui Magic one. I had some problems
      keeping the kite in the air while adjusting it this morning so just a quick
      question - all 4 lines are 30m each, the normal bar leaders are 3m each
      side (for the back lines)but the leader of the adaptor kit is a lot shorter.
      It makes the 2 front lines about 1m shorter each side (at full adjustment)
      than the back lines.
      Should I get a new leader for the adaptor kit that would make it exactly the
      same length as the normal bar leaders?
      Hope I've explained myself ok.
      Tks for yr help

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      From: Mel <kitebord@...>
      To: ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com <ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: 08 April 2001 11:41
      Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Changing Free Air 2 line to 4 line

      ><jdeane@...> wrote:
      >> Can anyone tell me about how to convert a 2 line bar to 4 line for
      >> Free Airs?
      >Get an adapter kit from FLS, NSI, Bump&Jump, SlingShot or Airush (did I
      >> I understand the depower lines go directly to the
      >> harness. Is this right?
      >Most don't (I do, but I ride where it's SUPER gusty - check the kitesurf
      >group files under "MelsMegaMods"). They have a loop ("smart loop" or "trim
      >loop") which you hook into like a harness line.
      >> If so, what do you use to connect the lines
      >> to the harness hook?
      >Most use a loop. I use a snap shackle.
      >> Are there any websites that show this?
      >Mine's in the files, as well as some other home made units.
      >jeffc@... can tell you all about FLS, check
      >SlingShots are pictured on www.murrays.com, I don't have a contact for
      >B&J, but for Airush ask info@...
      >> One
      >> other thing, do the front lines have to be exactly the same length as
      >> the back lines?
      >No. There is a lot of adjustment range built into the systems mentioned, &
      >you can also adjust the position of the knots on the center leader AND the
      >back leaders. If necessary you could even get 27m lines from one
      >manufacturer & 33s from another & make it work with different length
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