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1241Re: [ksurfschool] Beginner board advice

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  • Mel
    Mar 6, 2001
      <banfield@...> writes:

      > I figure the gusty conditions favor a floaty directional
      > over a wakeboard (in spite of the ease of avoiding jibing).

      Compared to sailboards, kiteboards are incredibly easy to jibe.
      Unlike jibing sailboards, if you've got decent kite skills (spend all your
      free time flying the kite by itself before you get on a board) you don't
      need to worry about falling off a plane (just move the kite to power you
      back up), or digging the front rail too much (just move the kite & the board
      will follow), or even switching your feet at the right moment (just sail out
      without even switching your feet, then switch them after you regain
      comfortable control).

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