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1238Re: Learning to kitesurf

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  • mdelliott@waco.expresspersonnel.com
    Mar 6, 2001
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      --- In ksurfschool@y..., hyperboutlife@a... wrote:
      > Mark... which reel bar are you using?? Care to give a review of
      it?? I am in
      > Ohio and face many of the conditions you speak of and think the
      reel bar
      > would be great. Let me know
      > Ben

      Using a flowbee. If you go to the kitesurf group and search on
      "flowbee" youll see several posts.

      In general I like it. I think it is the only reel bar designed to
      reel in while flying. Only bad thing is that on the 4line
      naish/wipika setup you only have about 6 inches of adjustment on the
      depowering .I think more is helpful on my 11.5 and 15.5 naish, doesnt
      seem to matter as much on smaller kites. Its great for launching on
      our lake. With side shore or a little side on I can wade 10 ft away
      from shore, launch the kite with 10 ft of line and use to pull myself
      into deep water away from shore and then allow kite to reel out to 40m
      for flying. Landing is identical in reverse. Whenever I am close to
      shore I only have 10 ft of line out and am able to avoid most
      kitesurf dangers experienced with lines fully extended. Ill assume
      you read kitesurf group posts on flowbee, let me know if you have any
      other questions. Might also search for "skyte" or "reelbar" or "Reel-
      bar" Flowbee is EXPENSIVE, I think around $1000. I ordered mine
      before they were even released and got a cheaper price, supposedly
      wholesale for the first 50 that ordered It is probably worth that as
      far as cost to manufacture, seems to be pretty precision made as far
      as gearing etc,carbon fiber shaft and aluminum constuction. Its just
      a question if its worth a grand for its added convienience, for me it
      is. MARK
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