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1231Re: [ksurfschool] Beginner board advice

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  • Hung Vu
    Mar 5 2:03 PM
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      banfield@... wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I'm thinking of buying a board so that once some warm weather comes,
      > I can learn to kitesurf. I'm interested in some advice weighing the
      > relative merits of a couple of boards that I've seen in classifieds.
      > I'm a decent waterskier (slalom), adequate windsurfer (longtime, but
      > no real jibing), good dinghy sailor (LONGtime), good downhill skier,
      > novice snowboarder, and I've never surfed. I weigh about 145 pounds.
      > I've been kiteskiing 3 times, which has gone pretty well in spite of
      > the very gusty conditions we have. It is likely to be fairly gusty
      > again on the lake I'll use this summer. The lake is deep, about 1
      > mile wide, and 40 miles long. Chop is frequently 1-2 feet or more
      > because of the long fetch with the predominately along lake winds.
      > I've seen a Naish Sky Pirate 7'6" for sale and an F-One 215. These
      > both seem roughly right for beginning, right? Would anyone care to
      > suggest merits of one over the other, or perhaps a different direction
      > entirely? I figure the gusty conditions favor a floaty directional
      > over a wakeboard (in spite of the ease of avoiding jibing).

      At 145 lb, the FOne 215 is a better all around board, unless you want to
      sail in really light wind and have another board for strong wind then go
      with the 7'6".

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