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1222Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Learning to kitesurf

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  • Mark Frasier
    Mar 3 6:56 PM
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      > Back to the question - definately drive the hour for the first few
      > After you've launched and landed a fully powered kite and been on the
      > a few times you'll be able to judge for yourself if your other spot is a
      > possibility.
      > Mark Frasier

      Oh, I just realised you probably want to know before you buy gear so you can
      decide if it's worth spending the $$$. Is there anyone around who kitesurfs
      who could check out the spot with you?

      My regular spot (Pine Point) is about 2 hrs from my house and I definately
      consider it worth the drive. I usually get to the beach at least twice a
      week, sometimes more. I even drive 1.5 hrs there after work, get an hour or
      so of riding before dark, then drive the 2 hrs home*. It's much more fun
      than buggying, IMO. So maybe it's worth it even if you have to drive 1 hr
      each way every time??

      *(I do have a spot that's about 1/2 hr from work on a large lake, but it's
      gusty and the wind direction is only good there when it's bad at Pine Point)

      Mark Frasier
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