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1217[ksurfschool] Learning to kitesurf

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  • Troy Bezanson
    Mar 3, 2007
      I've been kite buggying for a while now, and have been kiteskiing all winter.  I've got a good understanding of staying upwind, and am ready to buy a bigger quite for my local wind conditions.
      I want to start kitesurfing this spring, but have been told that our area wouldn't be very good for learning.
      I live on the atlantic ocean (Nova Scotia, Canada)  and have access to many lakes too.
      Our wind is generally gusty and between 15-40km. 
      I understand it is important to have a lot of beach and the fewer trees along the shore the better.
      Unfortunatelty there are always trees, roads or powerlines along the shore. 
      Should I be discouraged from starting the sport in my area?  I live an hour from a great spot for learning(long beach, no obstacles)  Once I learn would It be "safe enough" to kitesurf in an area with less beach?
      I think once I learned to stay upwind, the length of the beach wouldn't be as much of an issue.  Falling would be more of a problem.
      Anyone have any experience kitesurfing in a more restricted launching area?  Any suggestions? (besides staying away from powerlines)
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