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1121Re: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001 (retail opinion)

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  • John Deane
    Feb 6, 2001
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      Tks for the advice!
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      Date: 06 February 2001 1:05
      Subject: RE: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001 (retail opinion)

      the VARC (variable aspect ratio kite) is not new to 2001. the 2000 Free air kites have different aspect ratios for each size kite in the line just as do the 2001 kites.
      As far as I can tell the 2001 Free Air is really no different from the 2000-
      Personally I like the Free air for "beginners" as well as advanced Kites.
      The Free air is easy to deal with, relaunches easily and is a very stable flying kite.
      Both the 2000 and 2001 can be flown as a two or four line kite and making the change to four line is pretty straight forward.
      Personally I would recommend going with a 2000 to save yourself the money.
      Don't worry about the 2000 not having the performance you are looking for as it has plenty!
      As for the Air blast, I have my first shipment on the way and have not yet flown the kite. I think that the higher aspect ratio may cause some problems for beginners, but that remains to be seen.
      I tell my customers not to get too crazy about their first kite purchase, Keep it simple you will have a  much better time. Most of the kites out their will have far more capability that most of us will need.
      Feel free to contact me if you want to chat.

      Philip Mann
      Inland Sea Windsurf Co.

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