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1120Re: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001

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  • John Deane
    Feb 6, 2001
      Tks for yr reply - just got around to seeing it now. I have to admit the
      thought of a 16m in 18 knots with gusts is pretty daunting - my 8.5 is a
      handful in that kind of wind. Maybe I need a little more practice first.

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      Date: 03 February 2001 9:59
      Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001

      >I weight about the same as you (80 kg). For the conditions you describe a
      >16M FreeAir or the new Airblast 11.8 (approx. the same size) will cover the
      >entire range. It may be more power than you are used to but you can use
      >trim loop when the wind is above 15 knots and you won't have to sit on the
      >beach when the wind drops to 10 knots. Last summer, I used a 15.5 AR-5 in
      >conditions ranging from 10 - 22 knots. The only thing I didn't like about
      >the 15.5 is that it is a slow kite. I just sold it last week and I ordered
      >11.8 AirBlast to replace it. I personally recommend getting the AirBlast
      >because of the reverse relaunching capability. The 15.5 was sometimes a
      >to relaunch and it took a while. I hope that helps.
      ><< I've been using a Wipika classic 8.5 which I want to sell soon while
      > still worth something. I weigh around 83 kilos. So the days when the wind
      > was 12-18 knots, I was able to get out. BUT, I spent about half my time
      > sitting around waiting either for the wind to pick up or die down. The
      > range is around 8 - 24 knots. I'd like to try to get by with 2 kites
      > than 3 as money is an issue. I'm ready to get a brand new Free Air (but
      > don't know if 2000 or 2001 model) or Airblast but for the 2nd kite I'll
      > for something 2nd hand. Problem is, which sizes?
      > I've seen 11.5 AR5s around 2nd hand but I'm not sure about their wind
      > Do you think a kite around the 11m range and one around 7m would cover the
      > 8-24 knot range?
      > Thanks for yr help.
      > JD >>
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