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1059Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Day 2 on ARC 4.5 ("630")

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  • kiteboard@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2001
      In a message dated 2/1/01 11:27:03 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      cglazier@... writes:

      << if you had to label
      your ARC 4.5 with a Naish/Wipika type of size, what size would it be? >>

      Short answer: Same as equal projected area (4.5 ARC "630" = 4.4 AR5 "7.5").

      Long answer: I have NO idea about the new Wipika sizing, but it seems to have
      very nearly the same low wind limit as an AR5 of the same specified projected
      area. Wipika has added confusion to the point where I question the accuracy
      of the projected area specs, & don't know if the ARX is measured the same as
      the AR5, but I'm very familiar with the power of the AR5 with 4.4 projected
      ("7.5 size"), & at the bottom end it's about the same as the ARC with 4.5
      projected ("630 size"). Way back in my log I just found:
      "...Fanatic 6'. ... Barely staying upwind working the 7.5 in 11mph avg."
      That's two mph less low end than the ARC, although that was with the stock
      fins, & I've been using a single 8.5" slotted Orca kite fin (like a sailboard
      wave fin), which feels a little less efficient than the 9.25" Curtis B&J
      sailboard fin I also use sometimes (which felt about the same as the stock
      fins). I guess I could switch back to the 9.25, since it does feel better,
      but I like the kelp-clearing of the more swept/raked 8.5, & with the slot
      it's got the same spinout resistance.

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