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Re: [ksurf] Moving on!

Sounds like a good idea! I have just made Tunico the co-moderator of the group with full capacity except for deleting the group. Tim Mellor is another full
Hung Vu
Jun 3, 2007

Re: Moving on!

... Hung, I am sorry to hear you are moving on. I've been on this group for five years and have saved nearly 1,300 messages over that time. You are a huge
Christopher Gaskins
Jun 2, 2007

Moving on!

I will likely be busy for a while on some new projects. I won't have time to manage these groups anymore but I still want to have these kitesurf legends
Hung Vu
Jun 2, 2007

Re: What kite would be best

In a message dated 5/7/2007 2:48:30 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, tedstuff@... writes: What kite would be best(easyest) for unassisted water restarts
May 7, 2007

What kite would be best

What kite would be best(easyest) for unassisted water restarts ?
May 7, 2007

Re: Greent kiters

July and August are the worst months. But we do get South wind 10 to 15 days out of the month before the storm comes. During high season we get thermal wind
Alex Tien Do
Mar 31, 2007

Re: Greent kiters

I think it is already on there at http://www.kitesurfingschool.org/schools.htm#Asia%20&%20Pacific%20Rim How is the wind in July, Aug? What not another one in
Hung Vu
Mar 30, 2007

Re: Greent kiters

Hi Guys, Please check out www.kitesurfing-vietnam.com High wind season Oct to April bring smallest kite u have no wetsuit other than that kite year round ...
Alex Tien Do
Mar 30, 2007

Re: Greent kiters

I normally glue it in too. The trick is to clean and then let it dry before using the glue. Someone else may have a better way. Hung. ... [Non-text portions
Hung Vu
Mar 26, 2007

Re: Greent kiters

Hi, I always have problem with the valve. I usually use aquaseal (polyurethane glue) Do u know any better solution or other idea by using heat. I am looking
Alex Tien Do
Mar 23, 2007

Re: water relaunching a Vegas 14

Hi - I spent about 20 mins trying to haul in the on the centerline but the wind kept the kite powered. I was using my board in the water to add resistance to
Mar 21, 2007

Re: water relaunching a Vegas 14

Hi, The '06 Vegas is a 5 line kite. In light wind, when the kite is on the water leading edge down, you pull on the 5th line, but not so much that it
Mar 20, 2007

Kitesurfing for the arm amputees article

http://www.upperex.com/issueArchive/2007/JanFeb07_Issue.pdf Hung.
Hung Vu
Mar 20, 2007

water relaunching a Vegas 14

I've just used a 2006 Vegas for the first time and last week it fell to the water. While down, it powered up, inflated edge down, and back edge up. I
Mar 20, 2007

Greent kiters

Generally, I am a very bad "green guy" (I consume more electricity/gas/beer than average), but I do practice some of of the green kiting stuff (e.g. walk or
Hung Vu
Mar 19, 2007
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