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CAC Radio, KCN-1 Radio would be better!

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  • James Hodges
    *Please take note that the senders email address has not been verified. netvictory@yahoo.com wants to share this with you: Click on the player or the link
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
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      Citizen Broadcasting - Blog Talk Radio

      *Please take note that the senders email address has not been verified.
      netvictory@... wants to share this with you:

      Click on the player or the link below to listen to the Conservative Action Club show

      Conservative Republican Jeff Locke will tell us about why he is running for the Kansas State House in the Kansas 2nd District this Saturday Night Live at 10:00 pm, so call in and ask him some questions.

      BlogTalkRadio Player



      This will be the very first blogtalkradio show for the CAC, so I hope it works! If it does work, I am more than happy to help anyone setup their own
      blogtalkradio show or do a CAC show with anyone as a guest. CAC stands for Conservative Action Club. CAN was already taken. I think KCN-1 is available.

      For more info on blogtalkradio go to: http://blogtalkradio.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/blogtalkradio.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php

      Blogtalkradio features:
      1. Free Internet radio talk show: No software download. Free.
      2. Shared Revenue Program. Optional Revenue Sharing program for participating hosts
      3. Live Chat: Lets hosts chat with listeners during and after live show
      4. Multiple participants: Receive up to 5 simultaneous by phone guests/listeners on your show 
      5. Promotional Tools: Copy and paste flash player and buttons to any blog or web site
      6. Show Archive: Saved automatically and available as MP3, RSS subscription or iTunes
      7. Reminders: Customized alerts by email or phone of upcoming shows
      8. Friends and Favorites; Collect listeners and add your favorite shows
      9. Customizable Profile: Add video, a blog, links to other sites or other widgets
      I found out about this website only because Bob Weeks added me as a friend on Facebook. Bob joined Grizzly Groundswell, and when I went to check out the Grizzly Groundswell website, I learned about blogtalkradio. If you are not on Facebook.com you are nobody (Only kidding)!

      It took me 15 minutes to create my own radio show and a phone call to book a guest. Finding the good name for my radio show that was not already taken was the hardest part.

      I would suggest the KCN-1 setup a weekly round up blogtalkradio show. It could be real fun and help build relationships that seem to get lost in the blur of emails sent out over the KCN-1.

      I would love to hear a weekly update from Mark Gietzen about what's going on out at Killer Tiller's or Mrs. Ehanicke . I would also like to hear from more candidates, both now and while they are in Topeka, and of course every problem Kansans face must be some how tied to the fact that the Fairtax is not law.


      James A. Hodges

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      James A. Hodges

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