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  • Margaret
    Jan 31, 2009
      I briefly thought about that and decided I did not have enough time.
      You must be close to me. I am in Fort Scott, I always thought I was
      extreme...I checked into programs and just do not have the time for
      the research I would be retired. However, I would say go for it if
      you can.

      --- In ksapna@yahoogroups.com, "pansygal63" <pansygal63@...> wrote:
      > Good morning to all, I wanted to say hello to the group, I am a
      > here. My name is Karen. I am in extreme southeast Kansas. Have
      > in psychiatric nursing for over 20 years, an ARNP the last 12.
      > Currently working for local mental health center but have done
      > inpatient and consulting work in the past. I am giving some
      thought to
      > the DNP program, any information would be appreciated.
      > Thanks
      > Karen
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