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46Re: [ksapna] Re: Happy 2008 nurses

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  • Paul Engler
    Nov 27, 2008
       I ran query for the numbers the last fiscal year KDHE and you know we did not break it down by sex.
      Consider we have about 7500 men in prison and around 800 women, I would think the number would be higher for the men. I suppose I can go back run the numbers by sex again.

      The numbers of confirm cases is lower than one would think.  However, not everyone gets tested that come into the correctional system, so the numbers could be higher.  Hep C is 5 times more common than HIV postive inmates here in Kansas.


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      Welcome Paul.
      Your job sounds very interesting. I just listened to an educational tape that says more women have AIDS and Hep C then men in institutions.
      Do you find this to be true?

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      I am new to this group and work for the Correct Care Solutions. Our
      Clients are the in the Kansas State Correctional system. I was not
      sure where to jump because I new to this site, so forgive me if I
      stepping on the topic??


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      > Cindy, where do you work. once in a while I have someone that needs
      a therapist in Kansas City.
      > Margaret
      > Rn4kidoz@... wrote:
      > Margaret,
      > I understand your point about being frustrated in regard the
      changes in our advance practice moniker, I believe that the KS BON
      actually dictates the credential ARNP in the nurse practice act. I
      support the change because more states use the designation APRN and
      this would support continuity and better understanding in both the
      private and processional sectors. I am ANCC certified, but will
      continue to use ARNP, BC until the BON tells me otherwise.
      > Cindy
      > Overland Park
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