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Re: The Elven Kingdom

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  • Gregory
    Greetings Chaldan! I hope all is well on your mission in the Underworld. I have some disappointing news. The Male Elvish An im that can be gained from the
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      Greetings Chaldan!

      I hope all is well on your mission in the Underworld.

      I have some disappointing news. The Male Elvish An'im that can be gained from the Spirit Bottles of Kreskin Lal provide only a temporary infusion. One of the Male Elven Warlocks we provided one of our bottles to for experimentation reported this just yesterday. So it seems the bottles aren't a permanent solution to their curse after all. Rather than sip from the bottle again and risk using it up, the warlock returned the bottle to us for the hopes the elven court might be able to work out a more permanent solution to the fading.

      Further to this, it might be prudent for one or two necromancers to accompany us to the elven court once we embark. They might be able to aid the elven enchanters of the elven court in creating a more permanent cure for the curse. I am sure some elves might balk at such a suggestion, but I think it would be a wise move.

      Yul Herman
      Spokes-Leprechaun of the Terin'Sha


      <Observed at the end of a turn>
      Oh no! I feel weak again! It seems that the Male Elvish An'im which was restored to me when I drank from Kreskin Lal's bottle was not a permanent infusion. The theft of the Male Elven essence cannot be restored eternally - only through successive drinks from the bottle.

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      While our little group travels for one more visit to the Slayer Skills house before embarking on the mission to the Elven Court, it occurs to me that we don't quite know the way. Now some might assume the Elven City in the Enchanted Forest was the seat of the Elven Queen's Court, but that city is actually not part of the Elven Kingdom, but a city of elven renegades. Previous and current explorers of Laireoth have discovered this about the city.

      "I Look Around. This is the proud Elven City of Laireoth. For centuries the Elven City has been the protector of an artifact of power, kept locked in the tallest tower of the Enchanted Keep. Long though the memories of the Elves, none can remember the purpose of the item, though many have died trying to find out. Apart from the Keep the city is a pleasant place, a large market place where many of the people from the Enchanted Forest come is situated in the centre of the town. Constant guard and patrols make sure that no harm comes to the City. This City is not one of the Royal Elven Cities but is more of a City of Elven Renegades. That they let anyone enter the cities to live and trade has gone against Elven tradition."

      With the origins of the Terin'Sha so closely tied to the Elven Kingdom, you would think we would know the way to the seat of the Elven Court, but since stepping in as Spokes-Leprechaun of the Terin'Sha my predecessors didn't impart that knowledge to me. While the Enchanted Forest is an obvious place to start looking, it might prove helpful if you could make contact with the Bereny Court to find more straight forward directions. I would do so myself, but since the Centaur Council has championed re-exploration of Lal's Tower, it seems more appropriate for you to make the initial inquiry.

      Yul Herman
      Spokes-Leprechaun of the Terin'Sha<<
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