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KPFK LSB Minutes 5/08/2004, Part 2

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  • Terry Goodman
    ... APPENDIX A - Meeting Notice KPFK LOCAL STATION BOARD MEETING Saturday, May 8, 2004 at 1:00 pm Location: Woodruff Community Church, Long Beach, Ca. The
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      APPENDIX A - Meeting Notice

      Saturday, May 8, 2004 at 1:00 pm
      Location: Woodruff Community Church, Long Beach, Ca.
      The church is at 3908 Woodruff in Long Beach.

      Directions to the church: Take the 405 [San Diego Freeway] south and
      take the Bellflower North exit...a few signals and then East [right]
      on Wardlow... two signals to Woodruff.. north [left] on Woodruff to
      3908 Woodruff.


      APPENDIX B - Notice of Officer Elections

      The election of permanent Secretary and permanent Treasurer were
      tabled from prior meetings to allow greater time for nominations. As
      previously announced, these offices are open to any qualified KPFK
      local station area member. A non-Delegate elected would participate
      in LSB meetings as an officer, but would not have a vote on the LSB.

      The announced candidates for Secretary are Margot Eiser and Terry
      Goodman. The announced candidates for Treasurer are Learner Goude,
      Casey McFall, and Simone Wyatt. Information from these candidates has
      been distributed to LSB Members.

      Write-in votes are allowed, self-nomination is allowed, and formal
      nomination is not required. New candidates may distribute statements
      of qualification or resumes to LSB Members at the start of the May 8th
      meeting (25 copies) and/or email them ASAP to lsb04@.... Please
      mark these items "[private]" or "[confidential]."


      APPENDIX C - Draft Agenda

      MEETING OF MAY 8. 2004
      Woodruff Community Church
      3908 Woodruff
      Long Beach, California

      Proposed Agenda
      [Acceptance of the Agenda indicates acceptance of allotted times]


      KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
      Saturday, May 8, 2004 -- 1:00 p.m.
      Long Beach, California

      I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Welcome & Thank You's, Approval
      of the Agenda, Approval of Minutes [4 minutes]
      II. Brief Remark by Chair [3 minutes]
      III. [possible] Weil motion on Roll Call votes [8 minutes]
      IV. General Manager's Report / Q & A [18 minutes]
      V. LSB Committee Reports [40 minutes]
      (a) Finance
      (b) Programming Oversight
      (c) Management Evaluation
      (d) Outreach
      (e) Structure
      [All motions, resolutions, etc. will be moved and fully
      discussed under this agenda item. Voting follows listener comments]
      VI. Public Comment [30 minutes]
      VII. Board Voting on Motions/Proposals [10 minutes]
      VIII. Sonali's Motion [9 minutes]
      IX. Fee Waivers Motion [Radford] [9 minutes]
      X. Motion on Banned & Fired [Radford] [9 minutes]
      XI. Composition of LSB Committees [Prescod] [9 minutes]
      XII. Directors' Report / Next PNB Meeting [15 minutes]
      PNB National Committee Results/Reports: Governance, Technology,
      Programming, Audit, Committee of Inclusion, Elections Review and
      National Executive Director Review
      XIII. Election of Secretary and Treasurer [20 minutes]
      XIV. Community Advisor Boards [Radford/Gallegos] [9 minutes]
      XV. Resolution of date of second Training/In-Service [5 minutes]
      May 15,16 --- May 23
      XVI. New Business [12 minutes]
      (a) Adelson Proposal on Weekly Reports To Listeners
      (b) J. Goodman Proposal on Public Posting of Committee
      XVII. Next Meeting [date/time/venue], Announcements, Evaluation,
      Adjournment [10 minutes]

      APPENDIX D - General Manager's Report [Missing]

      APPENDIX E - Finance Committee Report

      Donna Warren [8may04lsb5, 2:36]:
      "We met, twice. First we had our pre-convened meeting where the
      elected LSB members met, and then earlier today at eleven o'clock we
      held our first meeting of the Finance Committee. It was very, very
      productive; and I thank the General Manager for her invitation to the
      Finance Committee to meet with management, because we talked about
      that extensively in our meeting - that one of the things that we did
      want to do was sit down with you and, with flow charts, organization
      charts, everything that you have available, to really get us, not only
      acclimated but into the budget process. And, a little bit later,
      Sonali is going to read a motion that we prepared to get us started in
      that area.

      "On the twenty-eighth of April, at a special meeting of the National
      Pacifica Board, a communication policy was passed; and, on that, maybe
      for about a minute, maybe I can turn it over to David, which I didn't
      tell you beforehand, so that you can just give us a recap of what that
      policy was, and then turn it back."

      Dave Adelson [4:06]:
      "This is just apropos the question of how we as a committee are going
      to get information, and the second part of that policy basically says
      that the committee chair will contact the manager for information
      requests and that if there's any dispute about whether the information
      request is appropriate it should be noticed to our local coordinating
      committee member (which in this case is me). I submit it and the
      coordinating committee on its bi-weekly call will assign a timeframe
      and a person to deal with the question. If it's a contentious
      question then it'll go to the National Board in full; but, in general,
      the committee chairs will communicate with the manager or the
      manager's designate to deal with information requests."

      Donna Warren [4:42]:
      "Thank you, David. Basically, in our meeting, we had a question about
      information requests: how to go about asking for these requests, and
      we were very fortunate to have our new business manager - Archie sat
      with us in our finance committee meeting, which was very, very
      helpful, because he was able to answer quite a few questions that we
      had. But from that meeting, we devised, created a motion that I would
      like a committee member, Sonali Kolhatkar, to read at this time."

      Sonali Kolhatkar [5:20]:
      "Since the committee just met before this meeting, we apologize for
      not having this motion in writing. It's on my computer, though, and I
      can certainly email the actual text after the meeting, but let me read
      it out. This is a motion that we are making to the Local Station
      Board as a whole for approval."

      RESOLVED, That the Finance Committee requests of station management
      monthly financial reports retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal
      year FY04 until the present. We also request of management a policy
      statement that includes:

      1) A report detailing to whom document requests from the Finance
      Committee are to be made,
      2) What documents will be provided on a regular basis to the Finance
      3) What documents will be available on request to the Finance
      4) What documents cannot be reviewed by the Finance Committee and
      for what reason,
      5) How management will be conducting the budgeting process for the
      6) How management proposes to work with the Finance Committee during
      the budgeting process,
      7) Which station personnel have budgeting authority and discretion,
      and what are the limits on that, and
      8) How do unbudgeted expenses get approved?

      FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Finance Committee also requests that the
      General Manager schedule a date for an orientation meeting with us.

      "So that's our motion to the Local Station Board, and we ask for
      discussion and a vote."

      Sonali Kolhatkar [11:09]:
      "As part of the committee I just want to explain to the board that if
      the budgeting process is starting on May 10th, and if the Finance
      Committee cannot get information from the management before the
      budgeting process starts (because part of our information request is:
      How can we get involved? What's our role?), then it really binds us,
      it really cripples us from actually getting involved in the finance."

      Donna Warren [12:28]:
      "I just wanted to continue my report, and also to reply that I am very
      happy that the General Manager did give us that invitation, because
      I'm hoping that she will see that we want to take you up on the
      invitation even though the motion did not pass.

      "But to conclude with my report, we also talked about the Development
      Committee, and I wanted to turn the mic over to another one of our
      members, Jane Hallaren, to talk a minute about the Development
      Committee and its relationship to the Finance Committee."

      Jane Hallaren [13:08]:
      "I actually have spoken about this in front of the committee before.
      The confusion is that we brought it to Structure. Structure said,
      'make a decision in Finance.' We realized that we really were not in
      order to make a decision because we'd be doing business, as we were
      just a casual 'getting-together' (We had not had an official meeting
      yet). So, we all need a point of clarification. I guess what we've
      decided is that we will now discuss it, if that's where Structure
      leaves us, and we will come to you and tell you what we're going to

      "And, just quickly, it is to create and merge a Development Committee
      with the Finance Committee, which should in essence fill a lot of
      holes and help communication and be fundraisers while knowing what's

      APPENDIX F - Programming Oversight Committee Report

      Report of Program Oversight Committee (PrOC)

      The initial public meeting of the Programming Oversight Committee was
      held at the station on 4/29/04, with four members of the committee
      present: Nile elWardani, Sherna Gluck, Alan Minsky and Fernando
      Velasquez. Committee member Bill Gallegos was absent.

      Program Director Armando GudiƱo attended the meeting, along with 6-8
      listeners, including two of the listeners elected to the iPC, Michael
      Novick and Lerner Goode (who came near the end), all of whom
      participated throughout the discussion.

      Two documents formed the basis for a wide ranging discussion in the
      attempt to define the charge/scope of the committee: the original LAB
      resolution on the iPC and the Pacifica by-laws. Specifically, Article
      7, Section 3.G of the by-laws state that it is the duty of the LSB "To
      work with station management to ensure that station programming
      fulfills the purposes of the Foundation and is responsive to the
      diverse needs of the listeners (demographic) and communities
      (geographic) served by the station, and that station policies and
      procedures for making programming decisions and for program evaluation
      are working in a fair, collaborative and respectful manner to provide
      quality programming.

      Accordingly, the four voting members of the committee agreed that:

      1. It is the responsibility of the PrOC to review the policies and
      procedures developed by the iPC or any subsequent, independent PC to
      assure that they are in conformity with the Pacifica Mission,
      diversity goals and FCC regulations.

      2. As part of its obligation to assure that the station policies and
      procedures for making programming decisions and for program evaluation
      are working in a fair, collaborative and respectful manner, the PrOC
      should serve a kind of "ombuds" role to deal with differences between
      the Program Director and the iPC and/or to assure due process if/when
      there is an unresolved conflict between the Program Director and/or
      the iPC and a current or prospective programmer.

      3. The members further recommend that the Structure Committee and
      Outreach Committee should work collaboratively to make recommendations
      to the LSB on the composition of the Community Advisory Board (CAB),
      whose role is to perform community needs assessment. [This suggestion
      was forwarded to the Structure Committee it passed such a resolution.]

      APPENDIX G - PrOC/iPC Joint Meeting Report

      Report on Joint Meeting of 4/29/04 of PrOC and 6 listener members of
      Prepared by Sherna Gluck

      Following a PrOC meeting, a joint meeting was held with six of the
      seven listeners elected to the iPC: Lerner Goode, Linda Krausen, Siu
      Hin Lee, Michael Novick, Rafael Renteria and Randy Smith. John Bachar
      was absent.

      The PD attended a portion of the meeting, and approximately 4-5
      listeners attended.

      The eleven people from PrOC and iPC agreed that:

      1. Elections should proceed as soon as possible for the 4 staff (2
      paid, 2 unpaid) and 4 Collective seats on the iPC. There was no
      agreement on the definition of Collectives, although Sherna reported
      that in the meeting she and Sui Hin had with Armando there was
      agreement that the station definition of Collectives would be accepted
      for now, i.e. those Collectives that do programming. [Note: the GM in
      a subsequent conversation also used this definition.]

      2. The previous exclusion of on air programmers running for the
      staff seats resulted in excluding many people of color and should be
      set aside.

      3. That it might be a good idea for the PNB to consult with the
      Pacifica attorney to clarify the CPB regulations with regard to the
      CAB. [Note: the LSB secretary had previously made this request of the
      ED and the Structure Committee has since approved a follow letter.]

      There was, however, no consensus on the charge of the iPC.

      The PrOC members in attendance had reached consensus that the iPC's
      role was to develop policies and procedures on programming - which was
      then reviewed by PrOC in accordance with the By-Laws - and to review
      current programming and preview prospective programming. This charge
      is derived from points #1 and 2 of the original LAB proposal.

      No consensus position was presented by the six-member group of the
      iPC. Rather, one member read a statement to the effect that "all the
      'powers and authorities' of the original LAB motion be vested in the
      iPC group. The other members of the group did not indicate their
      positions and the convenor of their group mentioned that she had not
      seen the statement that was read. Points 3 and 4 of the original role
      defined for the iPC clearly are no longer relevant. According to the
      Pacifica by-laws, it is the LSB that monitors compliance with the
      Pacifica Mission (#3) and according to CPB regulations, the CAB is to
      perform community needs assessment (#4).

      The time lines contained in #5 and #6 of the original charge are
      clearly no longer relevant and/or were totally unrealistic. Although
      it seems self-evident that "LSB" replace "LAB" as the entity to which
      reports are submitted and where they are reviewed, Renteria suggested
      that, instead, CAB be substituted for "LAB." Neither this nor his
      suggestion that the iPC be made a committee of management was
      agreeable to the PrOC, nor was the position of the other 5 members of
      the group clear.

      APPENDIX H - Programming Oversight Committee Minority Report

      Bill Gallegos [8may04lsb6, 0:12]:
      "I just want to say I wasn't able to be at that meeting. We had
      originally scheduled a meeting prior to that and it wasn't able to

      "There's a couple of issues that I have concern with that are in the
      Report. One is just how the issue of potential conflict of interest
      for current programmers, as part of an evaluation and recommendation
      process of current programming and future programming. It's a
      question, because I realize we do have to take the question of
      composition - of including people of color and working class folks -
      into this. But I'm just raising that as a potential problem. I mean
      if I was a programmer I might evaluate my program as A++. So, I just
      want to raise that as one, yeah, that's a question."

      APPENDIX I - Management Evaluation and Review Committee Report

      Sonali Kolhatkar [8may04lsb6, 4:37]:
      "I was the convener of the meeting, but we haven't elected a chair,
      yet. So, I'll just give a short summary of the meeting, which took
      place yesterday at the station at 10 a.m. Proper notice was filed via
      the management to the website and Chair, et cetera. Once I just make
      a short summary I'd like to open it up to other Committee members who
      were there who'd like to add to the report.

      "The meeting was attended by all five elected members, which include
      myself, Alan Minsky, Fernando Velazquez, Donna Warren, and Leslie
      Radford. There were two additional LSB Members: Madeleine Schwab and
      Harrison Weil. Listener Roger Zimmerman and staff member Ronny
      Mikkelsen also managed to attend.

      "Since we are the first Evaluation Committee, we realized that we
      needed to construct a process from scratch, which will be used every
      year. Since the charge of the LSB is to prepare a written evaluation
      of the General Manager and Program Director each year; so, we realized
      it was important for us to set up a fair 360 degree evaluation process
      that the LSB will eventually approve of that can be used each year, so
      that's it's repeated fairly and there aren't different criteria used
      each year. There's the question of what basis to conduct evaluations
      on, and it included asking for job descriptions, evaluating on the
      basis of the Pacifica Mission. There was a discussion on whether to
      count staff input this time, or whether that should be included in the
      ED's report, which isn't always done but is supposed to be done every
      year. We talked about the various angles of evaluation, which would
      or could include staff input, listener input, previous evaluations,

      "There was also a discussion of committee membership and sensitivity
      of personnel information. We agreed that all five voting members
      should sign confidentiality agreements similar to those signed by
      search committee members. There's a question about expanding the
      committees. We decided to wait until the Structure Committee gave us
      direction on how to expand the committees, if that was going to

      "Because we now have a National Communications Policy that allows
      committees to make information requests of the National Office, the
      Committee is in the process of preparing a letter from the Management
      Evaluation Committee to the National Office to ask for any legal
      considerations or guidelines from the National Office that we need to
      be aware of around the hiring and firing of GMs and PDs.

      "We also agreed to present a motion to the Local Station Board around
      an issue that we agreed on, which was the uniformity of the process
      network-wide on management evaluation ... asking the LSB to approve
      our efforts to begin coordinating with other Management Evaluation
      Committees in all five signal areas, so that one uniform process can
      be adopted across the network, with the recognition of signal area
      differences and legal considerations. The Committee felt that it
      wouldn't be fair and ... that it could open us up to liabilities if
      different GMs ... and different PDs across the network were evaluated
      by different standards, and so there was recognition of the need to
      have a uniform standard.

      "So, we hope that the Committee [sic] will recognize the motion and
      perhaps we can vote on it."

      Leslie Radford [9:20]:
      "I'd just like to clarify that we are not clear on whether we can do
      signal area differences or not, and that was why signal area
      differences and legal matters are both included in that statement.
      Obviously, if legally we cannot do differences across signal areas
      then we will not do that."

      APPENDIX J - Outreach Committee Report

      Madeleine Schwab [8may04lsb6, 11:35]:
      "I'm Madeline Schwab, the convener of the Committee meetings. We've
      had three, the first with the five elected LSB Members and two public
      meetings. We've come up with a proposal, but first we want to just
      enter into the record as a result of one of our meetings a Thank


      The KPFK Members attending the May 1st, 2004 LSB Outreach Committee
      meeting wish to thank and encourage:

      (1) KPFK Members who have been printing and distributing flyers
      promoting KPFK;
      (2) KPFK Members who have raised money for a KPFK bus stop
      advertisement and who are now designing it and negotiating for its
      (3) The station management and staff for reprinting the KPFK
      programming grid together with a statement of KPFK's mission and
      history, that can be used for ongoing outreach efforts.

      "So, again, this falls under the Outreach Committee because these are
      people whose shoulders we're standing on, who've already done

      WHEREAS, The KPFK Local Station Board has instructed the newly formed
      committees to meet to define their duties; and

      WHEREAS, An increased and diverse listenership will forward the
      Pacifica mission as well as the viability of the station; and

      WHEREAS, The Outreach Committee has begun to identify initial
      activities to begin fulfilling its charge;

      THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the KPFK Outreach Committee be
      responsible for the following activities:

      1. Identifying methods for increasing station listenership,
      membership, and involvement with a special emphasis on reaching out to
      a diversity of all races, creeds, colors, languages, nationalities,
      classes, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities; and
      2. Help KPFK build collaborative relations with organizations,
      especially the underrepresented of the groups listed above, working
      for similar purposes; and
      3. In conjunction with station management and the KPFK Volunteer
      Coordinator, identify a diverse pool of individuals and community
      groups to volunteer in the implementation and operation of various
      station events and activities; and
      4. Work in concert with various other KPFK committees to do outreach
      around the Pacifica mission; and
      5. Concerning outreach, report and recommend to the LSB as
      circumstances require.

      AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the KPFK LSB may assign additional
      activities and issues to which the committee shall respond and advise
      as requested.

      "Just a P.S. that our committee is meeting again on May 22nd, from
      eleven to one at the Echo Park United Methodist Church. May 22nd,
      that's a Saturday. We'll discuss, hopefully, this passed proposal, as
      well as the structure of our committee membership and projects."

      APPENDIX K - Structure Committee Report


      The Structure Committee wishes to report that it met and deliberated
      on several issues assigned to it or assumed to be in the nature of its
      scope. Recognizing the urgency of forming a Community Advisory Board
      so as to demonstrate compliance with CPB regulations, the Structure
      Committee passed the following resolution:

      RESOLVED, That the Structure Committee shall work with the Outreach
      Committee to prepare a resolution for presentation at the next LSB
      meeting after May 8th for the formation of a Community Advisory Board
      that is racially and ethnically diverse, gender balanced, and includes
      youth, representatives of the labor and low-income communities and
      other under-represented communities who are committed to the Pacifica

      Additionally, the Structure Committee recommends the adoption of the
      following resolutions by the LSB:

      1) RESOLVED, That committees bring policy recommendations and a
      general implementation plan to the LSB for approval. If approved,
      committees are empowered to fulfill the plan. Further resolved, That
      potential voting members may be nominated by the committee or the LSB
      but must be elected by the LSB.

      A committee member wishes to present a minority report on this

      2) RESOLVED, That the LSB form a committee that will review and
      recommend policies and procedures related to the workplace that are
      not covered by the union contract, including but not limited to
      temporary and volunteer staff.

      A committee member wishes to present a minority report on this

      3) RESOLVED, That a standing advisory committee shall be established
      to be named the Committee on the Arts, that the initial membership of
      the committee shall be five LSB Members elected by STV, that the
      convener of the first meeting shall be the Member receiving the most
      votes, and that the duties of this committee shall include:

      a) to explore and make recommendations to the LSB in order to
      provide an outlet for the creative talents of the community.

      4) RESOLVED, That the duties of the KPFK LSB Structure Committee shall
      a) to develop and recommend processes for the functioning of the
      LSB and its committees, including but not limited to matters related
      to committee membership, meeting times, meeting locations, and other
      b) to recommend the establishment of committees and draft
      appropriate language for consideration by the LSB, upon the request of
      any LSB member, and
      c) to perform other such related tasks as the LSB may assign and to
      report and recommend to the LSB as circumstances require.

      5) RESOLVED, That the KPFK Local Station Board shall hold a regular
      meeting each calendar month, that it shall alternate its meetings
      between a weekday evening and a weekend day, that in even months it
      shall meet on the first Thursday evening of the month, beginning at 7
      pm, and that in odd months it shall meet on the second Sunday of the
      month, beginning at 1 pm.

      Maria Armoudian
      Don White
      Sherna Gluck
      Jan Goodman
      Terry Goodman
      (Dissenting to Resolution #1 and dissenting in part to Resolution #2)

      APPENDIX L - Structure Committee Minority Report


      The undersigned, a minority of the Structure Committee, not agreeing
      with the majority, desires to express his views regarding the
      resolutions recommended for adoption.

      With respect to the 1st resolution presented for LSB approval, this
      member believes that the first part of the resolution is too vague and
      risks assigning to a particular committee responsibilities in
      implementation that would appropriately belong to station management.

      The more appropriate approach, in this member's opinion, would be to
      empower a committee when the plan is approved, not before.

      With respect to the second portion of the 1st resolution presented for
      LSB approval, this member believes that:
      a) all committee members, in general practice, should be voting
      members; and
      b) all committees, in general practice, should have authority to
      appoint additional members; and, under certain conditions, with a
      2/3rds vote, to expel them.

      The standing committees are advisory to the LSB and serve at its
      pleasure. If the LSB does not trust the committee membership to
      adequately review and recommend on the issue under deliberation, it
      should reject the committee's recommendation. If the LSB does not
      trust a committee's current membership to adequately review and
      recommend on the issues it is normally assigned, the LSB should
      dissolve and replace the committee. Any other game is a waste of
      everyone's time. Each committee is in the best position to review the
      knowledge, skills, and perspectives of its initial membership and
      determine what additional knowledge, skills, and perspectives it needs
      in order to fairly and properly fulfill its duties. Requiring LSB
      approval of committee membership changes hamstrings committees and
      burdens the LSB with nominee reviews, when the main purpose of
      committees is to reduce the work of the LSB.

      The minority recommends rejecting the 1st Structure Committee
      resolution. Suggesting general rules for committee membership
      including the balancing of various interests and rule exceptions for
      certain committees all should come under the general mandate for the
      Structure Committee, so no other LSB action on the 1st resolution is

      With respect to the 2nd resolution presented for LSB approval, this
      member believes that the resolution is incomplete. A primary purpose
      of the Structure Committee is to assist LSB Members in the crafting of
      complete committee resolutions. If a resolution creating a committee
      is incomplete, then the LSB cannot continue with any other business
      until the details of the resolution are completed. (RONR p. 163, l.
      31-32; p. 165, l. 28-32.)

      The rules for special committees apply to the first time a standing
      committee is created. (RONR p. 4751-6.) If the method of appointment
      of committee members is not in the resolution then it is an incomplete
      resolution. (RONR p. 164, l. 9-10; p. 473, l. 24-26.)

      A committee may not begin its business until its members are chosen
      and announced to the LSB, unless the resolution creating the committee
      says that the committee may begin to act before the announcement is
      made back to the LSB. (RONR p. 167, l. 26-29.).

      A committee requires a quorum to act and unless the number of the
      members of the committee are known no quorum may be calculated. "The
      quorum in a committee is a majority of its membership unless the
      assembly has prescribed a different quorum." (RONR p. 482, l. 23-25.)

      Accordingly, this member recommends the adoption of a substitute
      motion, as follows:

      RESOLVED, That a standing committee of the LSB shall be immediately
      established, to be named the Workplace Issues Committee,
      a) that this committee shall initially include between two and five
      LSB members,
      b) that this committee shall initially include one unpaid staff
      representative LSB member,
      c) that if more than five LSB members express a willingness and
      desire to serve on this committee, then the initial membership of this
      committee shall be determined by STV election,
      d) that the chair pro-tem of this committee, for the purpose of
      calling a first meeting, shall be the member receiving the most votes,
      e) that, in the event that committee seats are filled without a
      vote, the LSB presiding officer shall select a chair pro-tem,
      f) that the committee shall select its own chair,
      g) that the committee shall meet and develop an initial list of
      issues for its consideration and report this progress at the next
      regular LSB meeting,
      h) that such additional individuals as the members on the committee
      shall from time to time choose by majority vote may also be appointed,
      i) that the ratio of staff members to listener-sponsor members on
      this committee shall not exceed 1-to-3,
      j) that the ratio of paid to unpaid staff members on this committee
      shall not exceed 1-to-1,
      k) that three consecutive absences from regular committee meetings
      shall remove a committee member, unless this would leave the
      committee with less than 2 LSB members or violate a mandated ratio,
      l) that this committee is authorized to hold closed meetings when
      considering subjects for which an LSB meeting may properly be closed,
      m) that the duties of this committee shall include:

      1. to review and recommend policies and procedures related to the
      workplace that are not covered by existing union contracts, including
      but not limited to temporary and volunteer staff,
      2. to assist the LSB in making sure that procedures are in place
      for the fair resolution of internal disputes, and
      3. to perform other such related tasks as the LSB may assign and
      to report and recommend to the LSB as circumstances require.

      FURHER RESOLVED, That if this resolution is adopted by a 2/3rds vote
      of the LSB, then issues clearly related to its assigned duties may be
      automatically referred to the Workplace Issues Committee.

      Terry L. Goodman

      APPENDIX M - Teller's Report and Declaration of Chair


      22 valid ballots.
      Electing 1 candidate.
      Threshold to win is 12 votes.

      Terry Goodman ELECTED with 13 votes
      Margot Eiser DEFEATED with 9 votes


      22 valid ballots.
      Electing 1 candidate.
      Threshold to win is 12 votes.


      Simone (Sa-Ra) Wyatt ELECTED with 13 votes
      Casey McFall DEFEATED with 10 votes
      Lerner Goude DEFEATED with 0 votes

      APPENDIX N - Summary of Public Comments

      This report on public comments has been prepared by the Secretary and
      is attached to the minutes for general reference. Inclusion of this
      report is no representation from the LSB or the speakers mentioned as
      to its accuracy or completeness, nor is it an endorsement of any
      content herein.

      Anti-STV Listener [8may04lsb10, 11:20]
      "...I was shocked and dismayed to see how many people voted against
      the idea of the PNB's votes appearing by roll call." We need openness
      and accountability. Secret ballots prevent accountability. STV
      voting obscures the process.

      Rafael Renteria [12:57]
      There are overlapping mandates for the iPC, the LSB, and the CAB, and
      it was the unanimous decision of the joint PrOC/iPC meeting that this
      issue be referred to the Pacifica attorney, seriously. This consensus
      was misrepresented in the PrOC report of that meeting.

      Lawrence Reyes [15:00]
      "There's an ethical question here." Was candidate information
      distributed without the candidates' permission? Every committee
      should submit a written report. If you want transparency and
      accountability, you have to be willing to give it.

      Casey McFall [17:55]
      If a Minority Report is submitted and not read, please get it posted
      on the Internet. I'm disappointed that the Finance Committee's
      resolution was tabled. You're going to need a lot of information to
      do your work. A process has been established to log when information
      requests are made and when they are responded to. I respectfully
      request that you, as a board, request the information outlined in the
      committee resolution, and also request any existing personnel policies
      and procedures, any memoranda modifying those policies, any existing
      fiscal management policies and procedures and memoranda modifying
      those, any existing volunteer management policies and procedures and
      memoranda modifying those policies, copies of insurance policies for
      general liability, automobile, board of directors insurance and
      volunteer insurance, a current station budget with line item
      breakdown, your last fiscal audit, your last affirmative action
      report, your current staff evaluation forms and procedures, a current
      volunteer handbook, a copy of the fund drive training manual that was
      mentioned today, and a detailed description of the ticket security,
      cash control, and accounting procedures used before, during, and after
      KPFK-controlled fundraising events.

      Listener from 50 Miles Away [20:12]
      "I'm really happy with the work you guys have done so far, in
      general." In Peter Russell's 'The Brain Book' a study was reported
      indicating that the brain oscillates between left and right
      hemispheres every 45 minutes. The mental efficiency of LSB Members
      would be improved by imposing a 5-minute stretch break every 45
      minutes, or at least once per hour. Also, I'm disappointed that KPFK
      LSB Meetings are not being streamed on the Internet.

      Randy Wilson [8may04lsb11, 0:06]
      According to the Foundation Bylaws, it is an LSB duty to perform
      community needs assessment or see to it that Community Advisory
      Committees are formed to do so. The LSB is free to delegate this task
      to the iPC, or they could do this together. "It's not clear why the
      Programming Oversight Committee is so hell-bent to arrogate this duty
      to the LSB. "When they resort to irrational arguments and show
      inappropriate vehemence ... in promoting a position, they must have
      some underlying motive, and since they're not disclosing it, it's
      probably dishonorable."

      Roger Zimmerman [2:18]
      "We need to know ... what the National Board Directors are doing and
      what their thinking is." Each Director must be made accountable
      through the recording of their roll call votes. The very reason for
      the democratization struggle was because of a period in which the
      National Board instituted a system of secret decision-making. I urge
      reconsideration of the question.

      Dele Ailemon [4:10]
      "I'm very glad that the management has established some broadcast
      outposts in the community." That is commendable. Maybe it can be a
      duty of the Outreach Committee to inform people in the community that
      these facilities are available, so that they can go there. If the
      purpose of the LSB in holding its meetings in various venues around
      the city is outreach and community mobilization, it's clearly not
      working. Look around. The same group attends each meeting. You need
      to encourage the participation of the community collectives.

      Sharon from Long Beach [6:40]
      "Long Beach welcomes you." We had to scramble to find this venue, and
      there was not sufficient time to do the board proud by notifying
      community activists or providing refreshments. Democracy is hell.
      Thank you for standing in there. It's hard to learn to work together,
      particularly when people come from slightly adversarial positions.
      It's hard to learn to get over it, but I know you will. Some
      committee should look ahead for scheduling, pay attention to the
      calendars of area activist organizations to avoid major conflicts, and
      try to pull in more of the community members who use KPFK. It might
      also help if sometimes LSB Members could break bread together with the
      community after meetings.

      Listener at First Meeting [9:50]
      "I have to tell you that the impression I get is that Robert's Rules
      has not always been used to move issues forward." I urge you to have a
      little flexibility with a focus on getting the work done, and I want
      to echo the sentiments of others with respect to the importance of
      written reports and roll call votes.

      Gordon Stitch [10:50]
      It seems that the LSB should have its own portable meeting sound
      system, so that it is not dependant on the generosity and scheduling
      of others. The station and meeting attendees could be asked to help.

      Margot Eiser [11:15]
      If there is to be financial transparency in management I think there
      has to also be financial transparency in governance and its
      committees. I'd also like to see this format expanded for more
      regular listener participation.

      Harry Cottle [12:50]
      Perhaps the National Board Members on the LSB should not be voting
      when the LSB considers procedural recommendations to the PNB, due to a
      potential conflict of interest, especially when the issue is

      Axel [14:15]
      "I believe my efforts would be consistent with your efforts." I've
      left contact information with a member of the board.
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