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KPFK LSB Minutes 5/08/2004, Part 1

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  • Terry Goodman
    KPFK LSB Minutes 5/08/2004 The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on Saturday, May 8, 2004, at 1:00 p.m., at the Woodruff
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2005
      KPFK LSB Minutes 5/08/2004

      The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held
      on Saturday, May 8, 2004, at 1:00 p.m., at the Woodruff Community
      Church, 3908 Woodruff, Long Beach, CA, the Chair being in the chair
      and the Secretary Pro-Tem being late. No minutes were approved.

      Twenty-four Members present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, David
      Adelson, Maria Armoudian (late), Sara Amir (late), Marie Deary, Jim
      DiEugenio, Nile ElWardani, Israel Feuer, Bill Gallegos, Eva Georgia
      (late), Sherna Gluck, Jan Goodman, Terry Goodman (late), Jane
      Hallaren, Sonali Kolhatkar, Alan Minsky (left early), Ed Pearl (left
      early), Margaret Prescod, Leslie Radford, Madeleine Schwab, Fernando
      Velazquez, Donna Warren, Harrison Weil, Don White

      One Member absent: Julie Rodriguez

      Guest: Archie Richardson, KPFK Business Manager

      Chair: Don White

      Authority and Notice: This meeting was scheduled by vote of the LSB at
      the Special Meeting of Tuesday, March 9, 2004. Notice was posted on
      the KPFK website beginning on April 8, 2004 (APPENDIX A).
      Announcements were broadcast beginning 7 days before the meeting,
      pursuant to the schedule recommended in the Foundation Bylaws. An
      additional notice was posted on the KPFK website announcing officer
      elections (APPENDIX B).

      Jack VanAken recorded the meeting, and an audio version is currently
      online at http://www.dogsofnow.net/lsb/8may04lsb/8may04lsb.html. Dogs
      of Now is a listener supported information and archival project and is
      not affiliated with KPFK or the Pacifica Foundation. Bracketed
      numbers in these minutes refer to section starts in the elapsed
      timings of twelve MP3 format audio files, named by date and
      sequentially numbered.

      The meeting was called to order at approximately 1:30 pm.
      [8may04lsb1.mp3, 3:13]

      Ed Pearl announced that he would not be engaging halls for future LSB
      meetings, but would provide a sound system for meetings under 3 hours
      duration. [6:35]

      KPFK's new Business Manager Archie Richardson introduced himself.

      Sara Amir arrived and was appointed as keeper of the discussion stack.

      Adelson was appointed Timekeeper [8may04lsb2, 12:27]. Without
      objection, a special rule was accepted for the meeting limiting board
      member comment (except for committee reports) to 90 seconds [12:30].

      A draft agenda was distributed prior to the meeting (APPENDIX C).
      There was discussion of the agenda. The agenda was amended [7:50]
      with a proviso (on a motion from Weil [0:43]) that listeners shall
      have a section of public comment prior to each block or cluster of
      board votes.

      Point of order from Adelson [3:03]
      We're voting to close debate, not to accept the amendment.

      Well taken.

      Point of order from Adelson [6:45]
      The question has been called and discussion is continuing.

      Not well taken. The voting cannot proceed if Members object that they
      do not understand the question being put.

      Eva Georgia arrived at approximately 2:00 pm. Jan Goodman temporarily
      left the meeting.

      Motion from Weil [15:30]:
      RESOLVED, That the KPFK LSB requests that the KPFK Directors shall
      demand that the Pacifica National Board (PNB) conduct roll-call votes
      and record them whenever the PNB disposes of resolutions.

      Motion failed by roll call vote.
      5 YES (DiEugenio, Prescod, Radford, Velazquez, Weil)
      13 NO (Aaron, Adelson, Amir, Deary, ElWardani, Feuer, Gallegos, Gluck,
      Hallaren, Minsky, Pearl, Schwab, Warren)
      1 ABSTAIN (Kolhatkar)

      Jan Goodman returned to the meeting. Terry Goodman and Maria
      Armoudian arrived at approximately 2:30 pm.

      A written report from the General Manager was distributed (APPENDIX
      D). An oral report was also heard [8may04lsb3, 10:50]. LSB
      assistance was requested in setting up a Development Director search
      committee and a Community Advisory Board. The LSB was asked to
      approve $60,000 in unbudgeted expenses for studio and transmitter
      backup generators.

      Program Director Armando GudiƱo spoke to the LSB as part of the
      General Manager's report, suggesting that an LSB committee explore the
      possibility of acquiring a frequency dedicated to Spanish language

      Management responded to various questions from LSB Members. The Chair
      directed that issues raised be recorded in the minutes, for possible
      future consideration, particularly at a planned in-service meeting
      [8may04lsb5, 0:00]. Those issues included digital conversion, taping
      at KPFK events, flyer distribution at KPFK events, distribution
      exclusivity and ownership of programming produced at KPFK, advance
      distribution of management reports, inclusion of the LSB Finance
      Committee into the budget process, unionization of unpaid workers, and
      formation and recognition of collectives.

      There was an oral report from the Finance Committee (APPENDIX E)

      Motion from the Finance Committee [5:20]:
      RESOLVED, That the Finance Committee requests of station management
      monthly financial reports retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal
      year FY04 until the present. We also request of management a policy
      statement that includes:

      1) A report detailing to whom document requests from the Finance
      Committee are to be made,
      2) What documents will be provided on a regular basis to the Finance
      3) What documents will be available on request to the Finance
      4) What documents cannot be reviewed by the Finance Committee and
      for what reason,
      5) How management will be conducting the budgeting process for the
      6) How management proposes to work with the Finance Committee during
      the budgeting process,
      7) Which station personnel have budgeting authority and discretion,
      and what are the limits on that, and
      8) How do unbudgeted expenses get approved?

      FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Finance Committee also requests that the
      General Manager schedule a date for an orientation meeting with us.

      Motion to table until a written copy is in the hands of members from
      ElWardani [7:50].

      Motion passed by a show of hands.
      YES 13
      NO 6

      There was a written report from the Programming Oversight Committee
      (APPENDIX F) and a report on a joint meeting of that committee with
      six listener members of the KPFK interim Program Council (APPENDIX G).
      There was a minority report presented orally (APPENDIX H).

      Motion from the Programming Oversight Committee [15:30]
      WHEREAS, It is the duty of the LSB "to work with station management to
      ensure that station programming fulfills the purposes of the
      Foundation and is responsive to the diverse needs of the listeners
      (demographic) and communities (geographic) served by the station, and
      that station policies and procedures for making programming decisions
      and for program evaluation are working in a fair, collaborative and
      respectful manner to provide quality programming,"

      THEREFORE, The four voting members of the committee resolve that the
      charge of the Program Oversight Committee is the following:

      1) It is the responsibility of the PrOC to review the policies and
      procedures developed by the iPC or any subsequent, independent PC to
      assure that they are in conformity with the Pacifica Mission,
      diversity goals and FCC regulations,
      2) As part of its obligation to assure that the station policies and
      procedures for making programming decisions and for program evaluation
      are working in a fair, collaborative and respectful manner, the PrOC
      should serve as a kind of "ombuds" role to deal with differences
      and/or grievances between the Program Director and the iPC and to
      assure an avenue for resolution if and when there is an unresolved
      conflict between the Program Director and/or the iPC and a current or
      prospective programmer.
      3) The Members further recommend that the Structure Committee and
      Outreach Committee should work collaboratively to make recommendations
      to the LSB on the composition of the Community Advisory Board (CAB),
      whose role is to perform community needs assessment. (This suggestion
      was forwarded to the Structure Committee. It passed such a

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Point of order from Adelson [8may04lsb6, 3:15]
      We're at time. Discussion requires a motion to extend debate.

      Well taken.

      There was an oral report from the Management Evaluation and Review
      Committee (APPENDIX I). [4:40]

      Motion from the Management Evaluation and Review Committee [8:15]
      RESOLVED, That the KPFK LSB Management Evaluation Committee begin
      efforts to coordinate with the Management Evaluation Committees in all
      five signal areas so that one uniform process can be adopted across
      the network, with the recognition of signal area differences and legal

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      There was an oral report from the Outreach Committee (APPENDIX J).

      Motion from the Outreach Committee [13:21]
      WHEREAS, The KPFK Local Station Board has instructed the newly formed
      committees to meet to define their duties; and

      WHEREAS, An increased and diverse listenership will forward the
      Pacifica mission as well as the viability of the station; and

      WHEREAS, The Outreach Committee has begun to identify initial
      activities to begin fulfilling its charge;

      THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the KPFK Outreach Committee be
      responsible for the following activities:

      1. Identifying methods for increasing station listenership,
      membership, and involvement with a special emphasis on reaching out to
      a diversity of all races, creeds, colors, languages, nationalities,
      classes, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities; and
      2. Help KPFK build collaborative relations with organizations,
      especially the underrepresented of the groups listed above, working
      for similar purposes; and
      3. In conjunction with station management and the KPFK Volunteer
      Coordinator, identify a diverse pool of individuals and community
      groups to volunteer in the implementation and operation of various
      station events and activities; and
      4. Work in concert with various other KPFK committees to do outreach
      around the Pacifica mission; and
      5. Concerning outreach, report and recommend to the LSB as
      circumstances require.

      AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the KPFK LSB may assign additional
      activities and issues to which the committee shall respond and advise
      as requested.

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      There was a written report from the Structure Committee (APPENDIX K).
      17:05 There was a written Minority Report from the Structure
      Committee (APPENDIX L).

      Motion from the Structure Committee [17:30]
      RESOLVED, That the Structure Committee shall work with the Outreach
      Committee to prepare a resolution for presentation at the next LSB
      meeting after May 8th for the formation of a Community Advisory Board
      that is racially and ethnically diverse, gender balanced, and includes
      youth, representatives of the labor and low-income communities and
      other under-represented communities who are committed to the Pacifica

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Motion from the Structure Committee [18:14]
      RESOLVED, That committees bring policy recommendations and a general
      implementation plan to the LSB for approval. If approved, committees
      are empowered to fulfill the plan.

      FURTHER RESOLVED, That potential voting members may be nominated by
      the committee or the LSB but must be elected by the LSB.

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Motion from the Structure Committee [18:43]
      RESOLVED, That the LSB form a committee that will review and recommend
      policies and procedures related to the workplace that are not covered
      by the union contract, including but not limited to temporary and
      volunteer staff.

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Motion from the Structure Committee [19:05]
      RESOLVED, That a standing advisory committee shall be established to
      be named the Committee on the Arts, that the initial membership of the
      committee shall be five LSB Members elected by STV, that the convener
      of the first meeting shall be the Member receiving the most votes, and
      that the duties of this committee shall include:

      a) to explore and make recommendations to the LSB in order to
      provide an outlet for the creative talents of the community.

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Motion from the Structure Committee [19:45]
      RESOLVED, That the duties of the KPFK LSB Structure Committee shall

      a) to develop and recommend processes for the functioning of the LSB
      and its committees, including but not limited to matters related to
      committee membership, meeting times, meeting locations, and other
      b) to recommend the establishment of committees and draft
      appropriate language for consideration by the LSB, upon the request of
      any LSB member, and
      c) to perform other such related tasks as the LSB may assign and to
      report and recommend to the LSB as circumstances require.

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Motion from the Structure Committee [20:40]
      RESOLVED, That the KPFK Local Station Board shall hold a regular
      meeting each calendar month, that it shall alternate its meetings
      between a weekday evening and a weekend day, that in even months it
      shall meet on the first Thursday evening of the month, beginning at 7
      pm, and that in odd months it shall meet on the second Sunday of the
      month, beginning at 1 pm.

      Motion tabled until after public comment.

      Point of order from Weil [8may04lsb7, 4:00]

      Orders of the day from Prescod [4:08]

      There was discussion about the election of additional officers. [5:40]
      Candidates for LSB Secretary were Margot Eiser and Terry Goodman.
      Candidates for LSB Treasurer were Lerner Goude, Casey McFall, and
      Simone Wyatt. As no additional nominations were offered, nominations
      were closed. A procedure for interviewing officer candidates was
      offered and described by J. Goodman.

      Motion from Radford [8may04lsb8, 2:07]
      RESOLVED, That each candidate who so chooses be allowed to make a
      three minute statement of their choice to this committee, and that at
      the time their statements are finished we ballot and elect our
      permanent Secretary and Treasurer.

      Motion passed by a show of hands. [11:45]
      YES 14
      NO 5

      Substitute motion from Aaron [3:15]
      RESOLVED, That we allow each candidate to speak for three minutes and
      to answer questions for one minute, and that any LSB member can ask a
      question or two.

      Motion withdrawn with the consent of the body.

      Point of order from Adelson [7:25]
      Acceptance of the substitute does not constitute approval of a main

      Well taken.

      Point of Order from Radford [7:58]
      A substitute motion must negate the initial motion. The Aaron motion
      does not negate the Radford motion, so it is an amendment.

      Not well taken as to the first part. Well taken as to the second

      Motion from Aaron [10:20]
      RESOLVED, that the rules be suspended to allow the maker to withdraw
      the previous motion.

      Motion passed by a show of hands.
      YES 18

      Each candidate addressed the Board in the absence of other candidates
      for the same office. Donna Warren spoke on behalf of candidate Goude,
      in his absence.

      Orders of the day from Weil [8may04lsb9, 9:10]

      Motion from Hallaren [13:13]:
      RESOLVED, That the secretarial job is divided and that whoever is
      elected Secretary, the other person will automatically be the

      Motion ruled out of order, as the body has decided not to extend time
      on the current agenda item.

      Point of order by Minsky [15:23]
      Postponing the vote until after public comment will disenfranchise the
      LSB Members who must leave.

      Not well taken. The orders of the day have been called.

      Motion from Prescod [20:50]
      WHEREAS, All members of the LSB who are ready to serve should be
      voting participant on LSB committees. In order to facilitate this

      RESOLVED, That the number of voting LSB members to LSB committees be
      increased from the present number of five to a maximum of seven voting
      members. Not all committees need to have the same number of voting
      LSB members, some committees may have more members than others based
      on interest. LSB members can volunteer to serve on committees, voting
      on whether or not an LSB member can serve on committees should only
      take place if necessary, that is if the number of LSB members who want
      to serve is more than seven. If a vote is needed LSB members can self
      nominate. The vote should be a public vote. Priority should be given
      to those LSB members who are not now members of any of the local
      committees. As elected members of the LSB, participation on national
      committees should not be a substitute for work on local committees.

      Motion passed by a show of hands [rescinded 5/27/04]
      YES 16

      Ed Pearl and Alan Minsky left the meeting.

      There was a period of public comment (APPENDIX N). [8may04lsb10, 8:45]

      The Vice Chair collected ballots and volunteers were requested to
      oversee ballot security and tallying. [8may04lsb12, 1:00] DiEugenio,
      Warren, White, and Adelson volunteered. Listeners were invited to
      observe the procedure. One listener volunteered.

      There were motions and discussion about the appropriate procedure to
      use in scheduling an adjourned meeting. [4:40]

      The results of the officer elections were announced (APPENDIX M).

      Terry Goodman was elected LSB Secretary. Simone (Sa-Ra) Wyatt was
      elected LSB Treasurer.

      The meeting was adjourned to a date, time, and location to be
      determined by the Chair, for continuation of the agenda. [10:00]

      Terry L. Goodman
      KPFK LSB Secretary

      These minutes were approved on 1-10-05.
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