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45Back from the dead?

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  • dys1124
    May 1, 2013
      I just noticed that I still have this fossil group I started in the pre-blog and certainly pre-Facebook era. (Maybe I should just start a FB group). I was thinking about it because I've gone through an upheaval in my vegetarianism in the last year, and thought I'd share it with anyone who still gets emails from this group.

      I ended 20 years of strict ovo-lacto vegetarianism close to a year ago because I thought I needed meat for heath purposes. I tried fish first but couldn't get used to it. At first meat really helped me, but by the end of the 10 months of eating it, it made my health worse. And emotionally, I was never really comfortable with eating meat, despite trying to only get free range, grass fed, etc.

      So now I'm back to vegetarianism, albeit pesco-vegetarianism, and feel much better, physically & psychologically.

      Has anyone else gone through a similar experience?