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43Omega 3 - DHA supplements

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  • dys1124
    Oct 23, 2007
      Does anyone know of an algal source (no fish) Omega 3 DHA supplement
      that has a hechsher?

      Omega 3 ALA can be gotten from flax seed, but most DHA is only from
      fish. Recently they found that they can get DHA from algae too, but I'm
      having a hard time finding a supplement with a hechsher.

      On a related issue, though it's many months before Pesach, I was
      looking up the status of flax on Pesach. some authorities say it's
      kitniyot and some say it's permissible.

      Does anyone know who originally ruled it kitniyot and why?

      (I sometimes think that kitniyot is just a conspiracy against Ashkenazi