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26Re: [KosherVegetarian] Digest Number 13

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  • phoenixpiano@aol.com
    Jan 13, 2005
      In einer eMail vom 13.01.2005 11:52:39 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt koshervegetarian@yahoogroups.com:

      Speaking of treif, however, what about all those people who get imitation "treif" foods that are made of kosher meat or fish. Does that make them any less kosher?

      I'd never really thought about that.  Imitation treif.  What WILL they think of next?  :-)

      I don't begrudge you your feeling of revulsion to "fake meat" type products. But that is a taste issue and I don't think it makes one more of a vegetarian.

      It doesn't make anyone less vegetarian.  I'm just always surprised whenever I hear of vegetarians looking for imitation meat.

      Another issue for discussion: If someone eats meat once every few months, are they entitled to call themselves a vegetarian?

      I would say that they probably are NOT really entitled to say that.  I do know some people that eat meat every once in a while, but I wouldn't consider them vegetarian.  Vegetarianism, as I'm understanding it from my reading, is a life-style that renounces the eating of animals.  If you eat animals on a regular basis, then you're not vegetarian.

      It has always bothered me, but then again, there's no governing body, and people are

      entitled to use whatever label they want. Some vegans might take exception to my labeling myself a vegetarian since I eat dairy &eggs. Do the labels matter anyway? What do you think? What do the non-vegetarians on this list think?

      Veganism and vegetarianism are two different things from what I understand.  Vegetarianism renounces the eating of the animal, because the animal had to sacrifice its life.  So eating eggs and dairy isn't a problem for vegetarians.  Veganism, on the other hand, renounces the use of any animal products for any reason at all (shoes, hair-brushes, teffilin, mezuza scrolls, shofar).  So vegans would not eat any dairy or eggs, mainly on the basis of the horrid conditions that exist in these places where they are produced.

      An interesting topic.