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25Re: korban pesach

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  • phoenixpiano@aol.com
    Jan 13, 2005
      There is no mitzvah in sacrificing an animal for whatever reasons, although I do understand that many people who are vegetarian would feel compelled to vile themselves in that way.

      For me, I DON'T particularly want the Temple rebuilt because I'm against the idea of starting sacrifice again.  We as humans should be a lot more advanced than that.

      But nonetheless, that's a different topic.  I've given it some thought (not much as I don't really think the Moschiach will come UNTIL mankind is a lot more elevated) and if it were to happen tomorrow, well, I just simply wouldn't participate and if G-d feels it that VITAL to ask me why, I would merely state that as a Jew one of my primary responsibilities is the preservation of life.  Plus the fact that I'm not about to intentionally destroy one of G-d's creatures just to satisfy animal lust desires.  I have never accepted the idea that G-d EVER sanctioned the sacrifice of animals ( for food, or attonement, or whatever).  That's just simply "Man's" (I'm being generic ladies) attempt to muddy the issue that G-d stated very clearly in the Torah we are to not consume animals.

      Noah and his family were obviously VERY hungry when they got off that boat, so is it any wonder that this allowance for meat was made at that time (eyebrow raised...).  If Noah was hearing things like that, he obviously needed to eat pretty badly.

      Since this week's Torah portion is parshas Bo, I figured I would raise
      the issue of the necessity to eat of the Korban Pesach (eating the Pascal
      lamb)  (Exodus 12:8). It seems that there is a biblical commandment for
      every Jew to eat at least a k'zayis amount (size of a large olive in
      talmudic times. Nowadays, approx the size of an egg in volume) of the
      meat of a roasted lamb on the day before Passover. Of course, this
      mitzvah only applies when the Temple is rebuilt b/c we are currently in a
      state of halachik impurity. But still, when Mashiach comes and the Temple
      is rebuilt (speedily in our days!), every Jew will be obligated, once
      again, to eat from the Korban Pesach.

      Has anybody given any thought to how they would handle this? Just curious
      to hear other people feel about this.