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  • stats613@juno.com
    Jan 12, 2005
      I'm 30 yrs old and have been a vege since the age of 5 (my choice
      incidentally, not my family's).

      Over the years, mostly at shabbos tables, my friends have "needled" me in
      all kinds of ways about how my vegetarianism creates certain halachik

      Since this week's Torah portion is parshas Bo, I figured I would raise
      the issue of the necessity to eat of the Korban Pesach (eating the Pascal
      lamb) (Exodus 12:8). It seems that there is a biblical commandment for
      every Jew to eat at least a k'zayis amount (size of a large olive in
      talmudic times. Nowadays, approx the size of an egg in volume) of the
      meat of a roasted lamb on the day before Passover. Of course, this
      mitzvah only applies when the Temple is rebuilt b/c we are currently in a
      state of halachik impurity. But still, when Mashiach comes and the Temple
      is rebuilt (speedily in our days!), every Jew will be obligated, once
      again, to eat from the Korban Pesach.

      Has anybody given any thought to how they would handle this? Just curious
      to hear other people feel about this.

      I guess I will probably just do the best that I can and try not to think
      about what I'm eating exactly. Even though I'm somewhat grossed out by
      the notion of having to eat an animal, I guess my belief in G-d and His
      Torah will have to find a way to overcome my intellect. I guess if all
      else fails....PASS THE ROKEACH KATSUP!

      -Gershon S
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