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22Re: [KosherVegetarian] Digest Number 12

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  • David Staum
    Jan 12, 2005
      Real vegetarianism, as I define it, is refraining from eating meat. I haven't had any trace of meat, chicken, or fish enter my mouth for 13 years. However, I stopped eating meat for philosophical reasons, not because I didn't like the taste or texture. While I'm not one of those vegetarians who lives exclusively on veggie burgers, I do enjoy the texture and taste of something "meat"- like once in a while. I don't think that compromises my vegetarianism in any way. I AM repulsed by anything that is actual meat - that is like treif to me. Speaking of treif, however, what about all those people who get imitation "treif" foods that are made of kosher meat or fish. Does that make them any less kosher?
      I don't begrudge you your feeling of revulsion to "fake meat" type products. But that is a taste issue and I don't think it makes one more of a vegetarian.
      Another issue for discussion: If someone eats meat once every few months, are they entitled to call themselves a vegetarian? It has always bothered me, but then again, there's no governing body, and people are entitled to use whatever label they want. Some vegans might take exception to my labeling myself a vegetarian since I eat dairy & eggs. Do the labels matter anyway? What do you think? What do the non-vegetarians on this list think?
      A last word about the vegetarian jerky - The reason I'm excited about this product is because so often, while traveling, it's hard to find something decent to eat that does not require refrigeration. This is something that is rich in protein, fairly healthy, and easily portable without refrigeration.
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 6:55 AM
      Subject: Re: [KosherVegetarian] Digest Number 12

      In einer eMail vom 12.01.2005 11:53:16 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt koshervegetarian@yahoogroups.com:

      I tried Stonewall's Jerquee. It has the O-K Hashgacha and comes in several
      flavors. I tried the "Cajun Bacon" flavor.

      THAT'S not exactly Kosher.

      I'll never understand why some "vegetarians" will look for products that are like meat.  Doesn't sound like a real vegetarian to me.

      The idea of putting something in my mouth with a consistency/taste/smell of meat, well, JHC, what else can I say other than make way while I run for the barf bucket.

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