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21Re: [KosherVegetarian] Digest Number 12

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  • stasasw@aol.com
    Jan 12, 2005
      I guess it depends on WHY you are a vegetarian. For me, I don't eat meat, poultry or fish b/c I don't like the consistency or taste of the foods, so the 'veggie ' versions of these items do not really appeal to me b/c they have similar taste and texture to the real deal.

      If one is a vegetarian for animal rights reasons, then eating the fake stuff is 100% Kosher....it tastes like meat, looks like meat, but no animal lost its life or suffered.


      In a message dated 1/12/2005 9:49:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, phoenixpiano@... writes:

      THAT'S not exactly Kosher.

      I'll never understand why some "vegetarians" will look for products that are like meat.  Doesn't sound like a real vegetarian to me.

      The idea of putting something in my mouth with a consistency/taste/smell of meat, well, JHC, what else can I say other than make way while I run for the barf bucket.

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