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19Veggie beef jerky!

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  • David Staum
    Jan 11, 2005
      Hi, All.

      I just received an automated warning from Yahoogroups that Koshervegetarian
      will be deleted unless it is used soon, since it's been inactive for 60
      days. So please post anything interesting you have to say about being a
      kosher vegetarian so we can make this group a more interesting place.

      I'll start with this little tidbit of info:

      I discovered several brands of vegetarian beef jerky in the health food
      store yesterday. 2 of them had kosher certification, one by the OK and one
      by the Triangle-K.

      I tried Stonewall's Jerquee. It has the O-K Hashgacha and comes in several
      flavors. I tried the "Cajun Bacon" flavor. Instead of a stick, it comes in
      the form of nuggets in a bag. It's a great snack! Certainly much better than
      grabbing a bag of chips. They're cooked in olive oil and were surprisingly
      moist. I didn't have to break my teeth on them, though as with any jerky,
      whether real or vegetarian, you still need strong jaws.

      The place where I found it is Wholesome Market, 93 University Place in
      Manhattan, 3 blocks south of Union Square. It's on the left side of the
      store (if you're facing inward) on a display not far from the cash

      Personally, I'm pretty excited about it. I've been looking for something
      like this for a long time. I plan to take plenty along when traveling.

      A friend sent me an exchange on Mail-Jewish that took place recently, where
      some people said that they couldn't see themselves eating 'imitation treif"
      food, because they'd be uncomfortable with it, even if it's really kosher.
      Anyone on this list feel the same way about soy jerky?

      Please spread this group around to anyone you think might be interested.
      They can reach it by going to www.koshervegetarian.com.