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16Re: [KosherVegetarian] Digest Number 9

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  • phoenixpiano@aol.com
    Oct 5 2:20 AM
      In einer eMail vom 05.10.2004 09:34:23 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt koshervegetarian@yahoogroups.com:

      Personally, I make an exception for divrei kedusha, things that are used for
      mitzvot. I put on Tefillin, have a mezuza on my door, lain from a torah,
      blow a shofar...

      However, I would never, ever, let any bit of meat or fish ever pass my lips.

      How do I reconcile it? I don't - I live with the disconnect.

      OK, I can respect that position, however the problem I'm having are the numerous passages in which G-d very clearly states that we are to treat animals kindly.  Where do I find in the Tanakh any passages that clearly state that these things MUST be made from animal skin and the arguments for that decision.  Or could it be that because animal skins were what was avaiable at the time of these writings, they were used and tradition has simply held to those barbaric actions?

      I'm an observant Jew, however I do not own anything made from animals.  The scroll in my Mezuza is made from paper and I doubt very seriously that G-d is going to punish me because I'm not using animal skin.  The point to the Mezuza is to place G-d's writings on our doorposts.  I've done that, so does it really make a difference what material is used?  The animal skins would have to be replaced on a regular basis anyway.

      Tefillin can be made from synthetic materials that are just as durable as leather.

      A Shofar can be made from synthetic materials as well.