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sequencer problems

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  • erik
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2013
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      <the problem I'm having is this: when I start the sequencer on (seemingly) any of the patches, it will run just fine for about 1-2 mins. and then it will make a "crash" noise and begins sequencing a high frequency.>

      -I would check your power supply and also make sure nothing is close by to the Poly that might be causing a surge or magnetic impulse. I've seen exactly what you're seeing. Mostly, it might be power supply. Have you checked the internal power supply rails to make sure they are +5 and -5 volts? Mike-

      <I am kind of new to tracing a circuit path on pcbs, as I have primarily been dealing with tube amps prior. I printed out the schematic to try to aid my pursuit but I'm still kind of unclear as to what voltages I should be seeing, and where I should be looking. I did take some readings around the area where power comes in, and I documented what I was getting from the areas that I was looking. The only place where I was able to get a -5 and +5 volt rating in a close proximity was on pins 2 and 8 of cn6a. I am not really sure where I should be looking exactly and what voltages i should be seeing where. I am still a bit novice in this area. If you could tell me where exactly the power supply rails are on the board, I think that might help me a little more. Thanks again.>
      please healp!! ;)
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