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Re: [korgpolyex] Re: NEWBIE is foundering here.

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  • Nick
    Guys, me and my cousin Critterbug, his son Jimmy or Junebug, and his woman Fanny circuit bent mine, and we ve been playin around with my poly.  Let me just
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      Guys, me and my cousin Critterbug, his son Jimmy or Junebug, and his woman Fanny circuit bent mine, and we've been playin around with my poly.  Let me just say as we say here in kentucky, It'll blow the hose of the wall!

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      Subject: [korgpolyex] Re: NEWBIE is foundering here.
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      Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 5:50 AM


      I dumped mine through a headphone jack from a cable that split to left and right, and I found I had to leave the headphone plug halfway plugged in in order for it to get to the Poly800. I'm not exactly sure why, I thought it would play either out of the right or the left with the headphone plug plugged in all the way into the jack, but nope, the headphone jack has to be plugged in only halfway to work.

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      > I too have had a Poly-800 that would never show "Good" after loading. At
      > lower levels, it would just seem to keep waiting, but bump it up anywhere
      > above that and you get Err even though the memory seems to have all the
      > patches loaded. I figured it was because of the coarse volume steps on the
      > little Sony CD Walkman I was using to play the file. I always meant to tweak
      > the level of the file a tiny bit in an audio editor but never got around to
      > it, and I sold that Poly-800.
      > According to the manual, you will get Err at low levels and at high levels:
      > High level - Err indicated
      > Good level - Good indicated
      > Low level - Err indicated
      > Very low - signal ignored
      > So, the first level where you see Err is probably a bit low, and up one more
      > notch from there should be good.
      > If you want to read xls files, I would suggest downloading the free Open
      > Office suite. Open Office Math can open Excell files.
      > Don B.
      > _____
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      > Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 11:07 PM
      > To: korgpolyex@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [korgpolyex] NEWBIE is foundering here.
      > seems like this whole group is devoted to the incredably complex HAWK
      > upgrades.
      > me, i would actually just like to get my 8800mk2 going,
      > i actually build high end studio gear for top studios world wide, i am NOT
      > an idiot.
      > but, so far, the tape dump file comes up with an error message, no matter
      > what level i run it at.
      > i have tried several versions of SOUNDQUEST midiquest, to no avail.
      > i cant find any 800 specific file for thier program, and trying to send a
      > generic sample dump of the original factory patches got me exactly no where.
      > now, i have done the two main mods, they work fine...no probs there.
      > I can of course hand program the thing, but it might have helped to have a
      > plain text list of some original settings from some of the better patches
      > from the stock setup..
      > there is an XLS file, which when viewed as plain text, seems to have the
      > data, but its unreadable without having msWORD, and EXCELL installed in your
      > system.
      > so, two questions...can anyone convert the XLS file to plain text easily? or
      > even a screen cap of SOME of the better presets would be great.
      > second, is the WAV file corrupt or something? i get half way through and it
      > goes to error message and stops
      > i have tried maybe two dozen settings, including the -5db factory setting
      > and its surrounding area.
      > i have also tried turning off the sequencer, just in case THAT was the
      > corrupt part.
      > probably you guys want nothing to do with me, i have to admit, i have no
      > idea why anyone would spend endless hours writing code to redo this synth,
      > with a difficult mod, where i know from experience, the average guy is going
      > to have more than a few problems implementing the thing, without destroying
      > thier synths..(i sell a dead simple high end mic pre kit, have for years,
      > and i cant believe people cant accomplish a basic gain control in a feedback
      > loop, maybe 8 simple parts total and we are talking resistors, pots, and
      > caps here.
      > i was originally going to use my 800 as a simple midi controller, with a
      > behringer knob and fader midi controller to run in the box synths, which in
      > my experience, if you run em through tube stages, germainum compressors, can
      > sound pretty frigin real sounding.
      > (no offence to you guys intended...anyone want a built theremin which
      > outputs CV/GATE and TRIGGER? great fun for running analog synths.
      > also, if i knew more about what did what on this schematic, i would likely
      > be able to design some things on the analog side, that you guys havent
      > thought of yet.
      > (using a harmonic which tracks another harmonic to run a ring mod, lets you
      > dial up some pretty intereresting ring mod tones, but they TRACK musically,
      > in stead of beimg more of a musical novelty.
      > i also make LESLIES, very simple stuff, if you use an lFO overlayed with
      > your foot pedal speed control, you get constant accelleration and braking in
      > addition to the basic leslie function.
      > try flicking the switch on a hammond to simulate that, you will hesr the
      > nicest leslie yo have ever heard.
      > i also make a butt kicking tube stage, which would make your synths just
      > SING...
      > as well as a burns buzzaround which outdoes all the current clones out
      > there.
      > SO, help me out, i will add something interesting to this forum.
      > or leave me to program my way out of this manually, and i will back out
      > quietly.
      > cheers...PAT

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