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Re: Picture needed of CN13 and CN14 in MK2

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  • altusmirai
    ... Here ya go! http://altus.glassmelter.com/mk2photos.zip
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2009
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      --- In korgpolyex@yahoogroups.com, "korgpolyex800" <korgpolyex800@...> wrote:
      > Hi MK2 people,
      > I wonder if one of you could do me a huge favor.
      > I need a photo of the two connectors (CN13 and CN14) on the MK2 main printed circuit board.
      > The picture needs to show all of the pins and the board itself in sharp focus. The two cables that connect to those connectors should be removed so that the photo shows the pins themselves and the white plastic around the pins.
      > If someone could do this it would be really helpful because I already modified my MK2 to have the HAWK-800 installed and I didn't take photos before removing those two rows of pins.
      > I am hoping to post the MK2 construction and installation instructions this week, so any help in getting that photo is much appreciated.
      > Mike.

      Here ya go!

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