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Re: queston probably already dealt with

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  • sixteenthletter@yahoo.com
    I got that exact sound out of the MS2K so you better check yourself. ... you re ... Moog ... the ... lead. ... least ... a ... uses ... sound
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2001
      I got that exact sound out of the MS2K so you better check yourself.

      --- In korgms2000@y..., djplaysrecords@h... wrote:
      > Hey, it's nice to hear from a fellow hip-hop lover like yourself.
      > I'll try and make this simple: if you want Chronic-era funk synths
      > (such as those found on "Intro", "Dre Day", "Let Me Ride",
      > and "Nothin But a G Thang") you won't be making them with a dinky
      > MS2K. Sorry. The magic is in the combination of the analog
      > oscillators and filters. You could try it and with some eq'ing and
      > compression, you could get a good imitation of the sound, but
      > not gonna get it.
      > I belive he uses a real Moog on all of those songs (he used the
      > as producer of the electro group, The World Class Wreckin' Cru in
      > 80's.)
      > Here's how you could imitate the fatty sound found on, "Dre Day":
      > First initialize the patch so that you have a simple sawtooth
      > Make OSC2 a triangle wave and adjust the pitch so that it is at
      > one octave lower than OSC1. Also, lower the amplitude on OSC2 so
      > that it doesn't take over the sound. You'll just want it to act as
      > sub-bass generator. Put the resonance up to about 1/4, the cutoff
      > 1/2 or more. Oh, and for best results, the 12LP filter should be
      > activated. Eq to taste (page 24).
      > Hope that helps.
      > By the way, on many of his newer hits, such as, "Bitch Please", the
      > Nord lead is the featured instrument. In fact, in that song, he
      > preset #90, "Voice".
      > I'll post some Dre-like patches sometime soon for ya.
      > -[d]
      > --- In korgms2000@y..., ihateoldppl187@a... wrote:
      > > hey i have a question maybe you can help me out...
      > >
      > > I just bought an ms2000r and I'm reading the manual - but perhaps
      > you
      > > can point me in the right direction
      > >
      > > I'm trying to find a really nice electric piano and a minimoog
      > >
      > > the EP no matter how I edit it sounds like some steely dan synth -

      > > and not the classic analog synths dre used on chronic and
      > doggystyle -
      > > what presets did you use to come up with them and what did you
      > > adjust?
      > >
      > > thanks in advnace
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