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897RE: Korg Mono/Poly thermal grease advice (tempco)

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  • dir_marillion
    Oct 30, 2013

      Hi, thanks to Steve, I checked the resistor at first.

      It was dead. 

      I replaced it and needed some calibration work to bring the VCO4 back to the same tuning as the other 3 VCOs. Now the 4 VCOs work stable in any octave and waveform.

      Please notice that if a resistor is dead in any VCO, this oscillator comes slower than the others to the perfect & stable tuning. The time depends on the room temperature, it may comes earlier, especially in the summer.

      ---In korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com, <dir_marillion@...> wrote:

      To a recent repair of my Mono/Poly, engineer had to remove the VCO thermal grease over the chip. Then he replaced it with another compound/paste and for a few weeks the instrument was working perfect.

      Now, when I turn on the Mono/Poly the first 3 oscillators come to the same tuning after 10-15 minutes (the most) but the 4rth VCO comes synchronizes with them after 25-30 minutes.

      What kind of thermal paste do you suggest for the Mono/Poly?
      Do you suggest to use this paste to all 4 oscillators or only to VCO 4 ?

      Will this thermal paste work or VCOs need a special paste?

      Thank you very much
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