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874Re: [korg_mono-poly] Re: Portamento Spreads the Voices

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  • Jeppe Madsen
    Apr 23, 2013
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      Soo the reason why my OSC 2 always glides "max" time, while the other OSC's glide according to the portamento time setting, is actually that each OSC has a different glide timer?

      2013/4/21 chipaudette <chipaudette@...>

      In trying to answer my own question regarding voice-spreading portamento on other synths, check out this link discussing the Oberheim OB-X analog polysynth:


      If you skip down quite a bit (~2/3rds of the way), he talks about using the synth in Unison mode, which reveals the OB-X's imperfections in its polyphonic glide, which causes different glide rates for each voice. Hey! This is just like what I had discovered about the Mono/Poly! He is clearly in love with this sound, just like me.

      Based on his text, though, it does not appear that the circuit for the OB-X was *purposely* designed to spread the voices -- it doesn't sound like Oberheim was purposely trying to have the glide rates be different, they just turned out that way. So, the purposely-detuned portamento in the Mono/Poly could still be a unique feature to itself.

      What other synths have multi-voice glide? Are the invidual glide rates purposely different from each other?


      --- In korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com, "chipaudette" <chipaudette@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I've been adding portamento to my Korg Polysix and, on my first try, I found it not very exciting...nothing at all like the great portamento on the Mono/Poly. So, I did some analysis of the Portamento on the Mono/Poly and found that it purposely spreads the pitches of the individual voices to make the sound more interesting and exciting.
      > You may be interested in some of the details:
      > http://synthhacker.blogspot.com/2013/04/portamento-voice-spreading-from-monopoly.html
      > When I implemented this trick of the Mono/Poly in my Polysix, the portamento gained exactly the excitement that I was looking for. The designers of the Mono/Poly sure were smart!
      > Is this voice spreading typical of old analog synths, or was it unique to the Mono/Poly?
      > Chip

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