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  • cemalaza
    Feb 4, 2013
      Hi, I'm a new member here.
      Let me introduce my new Midi  retrofit for Monopoly - that is Midipoly.
      All the original functions are kept. The following functions are added:
      - Key notes are sent and received as MIDI on the selected MIDI channel
      - VCOs can be triggered individually by velocity
      - Notes generated by the arpeggiator are also sent as MIDI
      - Received Pitch Bend MIDI data alter pitch bend
      - Received Modulation CC MIDI messages alter filter cutoff
      - Received Portamento Time CC MIDI messages switch portamento on/off
      - A new sample and hold modulation can be routed
      - Keyboard action is significantly improved
      - the EFFECTS button now does not reset the key assign mode to unison
      - Arpeggio can be synced to MIDI clock

      More info in my blog:

      I like to thank Florian for the inspiration and nice ideas.

      Greetings to all members,
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