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819Re: Dead MP4 need help

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  • iscrites
    Nov 14, 2012
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      Some news:
      After several attempts of reviving the power supply I bought a 15v, -15v and 5v power supply and installed it today.

      Good news is that it works and almost every aspect of the monopoly is working.
      The only problem I have now is that if the KLM398 board is connected, the sound of the osc is a weak distorded high pitched sound and I can not pitch the sound (either with the keyboard or arp or transpose).

      If I disconnect the board, I have 4 perfectly sounding osc which I can change waveform, but still no pitch control.

      I thought the 398 was the culprit but I changed the 2x TL072 and it did not change anything.

      I guess the problem is with voltage control of the OSC. Where should I investigate ?
      i checked the voltage on the connectors of every board and I read the 15v, 15v and 5v.
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