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800Re: [korg_mono-poly] Shipping my Mono/Poly

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  • Florian Anwander
    Aug 21 1:03 AM
      Hi Ethan,

      according to the specifications the basic weight is 12 kg. What is is
      the weight limit in the plain?

      If you want to take it with you in the plain, then I definitely
      recommend a case. (I bought a Thomann case for mine. I think the Thoman
      case isn't heavier than 5 or 6 kg. Costs: 99 Euros)

      If you don't want to use a case for that, then pack it as a double
      packed parcel. Example pictures from a Waldorf Microwave:

      * wrap the synth in a lot of bubble wrap,
      * put it with a lot of padding into a cardbord box,
      * wrap this box again in four or five layers of bubble wrap
      * and place this again in a second cardbord box.
      * finally tape all corners, edges and slices of the outer box. So the
      box cannot get stuck in the transport systems.


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