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8Re: Out of tune!!!

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  • mozgmozg23
    Oct 8, 2004
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      Thanks for your help, but i asked 'bout little bit different
      thing... My english is so bad, but i'll try to describe my problem
      again to make you understand -)
      So, i think, it calls "scaling" in english, the distance between C1,
      C2, C3... And looks like the "scaling" on my mono/poly is really
      For example: i press C1 note on mono/poly and it sounds like C on my
      Quasimidi Polymorph, but C2 on mono/poly sounds like D note... Is it

      --- In korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com, "analog_geek"
      <marsholie@h...> wrote:
      > Now that I think about what you asked alittle more it sounds like
      > your in poly mode. When the mono/poly is in poly mode it plays
      > different VCOs when a new key is hit. To make sure it is in tune I
      > like to put the mono/poly in UNISON mode. I also put all the VCOs
      > through 4)on the same WAVEFORM and OCTAVE. Make sure the mono/poly
      > on for about 30 minutes before you try to tune it. And make sure
      > the tune knobs (right of the waveform knobs) are dead center. You
      > want to tune the MASTER TUNE first. If not all your work will be
      > nothing. Turn VCO 1 LEVEL up all the way and the rest (VCOs 2-3)
      > the way down. If i remember correctly the tune screw (located
      > the mono/poly on the board marked KLM-398) for VCO 1 is in the
      > position. I could be wrong. After the first VCO is in tune to
      > source (say another keyboard) you can tune the rest of the VCOs to
      > the first one. Turn VCO LEVELs 1 and 2 up. Find the turn screw for
      > VCO 2 and turn it intil it is in tune with the first VCO. . then
      > VCO3 to VCO1 then VCO4 to VCO1. I cant stress enough how
      > it is to make sure that your on the board marked KLM-398. There
      > other knobs inside the mono/poly that when you turn them it will
      > with the tuning. Make sure you dont turn them. If you do you will
      > need a digital volt meter to correct this. (Detailed instructions
      > be found in the calibration manual)I hope these instructions are
      > clear enough. GoodLuck!!
      > --- In korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com, "analog_geek"
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > "Open the top of your Mono/Poly. On the underside, dead center,
      > a
      > > little brown PCB with "KLM-398" on it. There are four little
      > > potentiometers on there- they each have a little slot in the
      > > where a jeweler's screwdriver will fit. Plug in your Mono and
      > it
      > > on, plug in some headphones, and you can turn those pots until
      > > the oscs are humming in tune."
      > > I got this information at Zen mono/poly in my links section.
      > >
      > >
      > > Make sure you turn one VCO up at a time. And also the tune knobs
      > are
      > > not in order. EX: turning tune screw one will not tune VCO 1. It
      > will
      > > take you alittle time to firgure out which one tunes which VCO.
      > MAKE
      > > SURE YOU DONT TURN THE WRONG KNOBS! there are other knobs in
      > > that are not for tuning. Be sure your turning the right ones.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com, "mozgmozg23"
      > <mozgmozg23@y...>
      > > wrote:
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Hi. I've got a problem with my mono\poly- it's completely out
      > > > tune: for example the first "C" note is not like second "C"
      > > > third "C" is more like "D"... So, can anyone tell me how to
      > it?
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